Avalanche-Based Stars Arena Resumes Trading Post Audit

The SocialFi platform faced data indexing issues shortly after trading resumed.

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Stars Arena, a social finance platform on the Avalanche blockchain, has resumed trading following an audit by blockchain security firm Paladin.

The audit revealed 4 high-risk and 7 medium-risk issues, with all high-risk and 5 medium-risk issues now resolved. Two medium-risk issues were left unchanged, according to the audit summary.

Stars Arena wrote on X, "rumors are that the airdrop points algo has been tweaked."

Shortly after reopening, Stars Arena reported problems with data indexing on their platform. The company said via X that these issues are the reason some users cannot view their holdings and purchases, and that the team is working on a resolution.

Stars Arena previously halted trading after losing $3M of assets in a security exploit shortly after its launch. The platform recovered 90% of the lost assets.