Websea Lights Up Singapore With Pioneering Web3.0+2024 Crypto Conclave

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Websea Lights Up Singapore With Pioneering Web3.0+2024 Crypto Conclave

Singapore, Singapore, March 7th, 2024, Chainwire

Websea, a digital asset trading platform that thrives on its three-tiered security mechanism involving user accounts, funds, and data, hosted its landmark event in Singapore on March 7th. The event, titled "Web3.0+2024," was planned and developed meticulously on the theme "The Interwoven and Parallel of Crypto: A New Chapter in Web3.0."

Several crypto world luminaries participated in the event's discussion panels to deliberate on the outlook of GameFi in the Web3 era and the successful integration possibilities of Web3 and DePINs. Its expert panel included the likes of Herbert Sim, the COO of Websea; Aaron Ting, Co-Founder of ICP Hub Singapore; Aloysius Chan, the CEO of Ai Meta Club); and Mackenize Chang, the Investment Manager at Aelf Vc.

During the event, one expert panel discussed the future potential of the play-to-earn model, its significance in Web3, and how these models, along with other GameFi paradigms, can thrive in the Web3 era. Another looked into the integration compatibility of Web3 with DePINs and how that integration might advance future technology and benefit society at large.

Each of the guests, thought leaders in their own right, helped participants delve deeper into understanding how Web3, GameFi, and DePIN, as the holy triumvirate, can shape the digital economy space by making it more trustworthy and credible. It was an excellent opportunity for the event participants to enrich their knowledge and broaden their perspectives by having engaging and meaningful conversations with the speakers.

Cutting-edge technologies that build the world of web3 are innovating and evolving fast, and stakeholders of all types must get the chance to keep tabs on the trends. Web 3.0+2024 helped them do this by offering a window to the present and future world of Web3, games, and DePINs. Hence, it emerged as a seminal platform for disseminating and acquiring knowledge on the exciting combination of digital asset trading and social entertainment.

About Websea

Websea is a digital asset trading platform for global youth. They prioritize safety and security for users with dual-account security, intelligent copy trading, and AI-driven risk management. The platform’s native token WBS allocates 60% for community incentives. They integrate Web3 social and gaming concepts enhancing the trading experience for all users.


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