Radix Reveals Powerful Vision for Mainstream-Ready Web3 Wallet

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Radix Reveals Powerful Vision for Mainstream-Ready Web3 Wallet

Jersey, Channel Islands, 9th January, 2023, Chainwire

Unique “full stack” approach enables unparalleled user experience

Radix, the smart contract platform for asset-oriented DeFi, displayed concept images of its Web3 wallet that conveys a unique vision for a radically better user experience in crypto applications. The Radix Wallet concept is the result of more than a year and a half of researching, designing and ultimately building a set of 5 innovative technologies into the core Radix Network, uniquely enabling a revolutionary mainstream-ready wallet. The result: a user experience that’s just as safe, reliable and easy to understand as what we get in traditional finance, but with all the powers of Web3.

The current state of decentralized finance (DeFi) today is a mess. It has a well-earned reputation for being incredibly complex and unsafe, with millions of dollars’ worth of funds stolen by hackers each and every month. Today’s digital wallets and dApps are inherently insecure, and much of that is the result of a subpar user experience that’s simply not compatible with DeFi’s promise of user freedom and empowerment.

DeFi and Web3 both offer incredible, transformative potential, but until the right user experience is in place, both will remain irrelevant to the vast majority of us. With the launch of Radix’s Babylon Mainnet in early 2023, the Radix Network will include five new technologies created specifically to be used by a new Radix Wallet that can revolutionize how people interact with their assets and dApps. This unique-to-Radix “full stack” approach is what’s required to bridge the gap to mainstream-ready Web3 user experience. At the recent RadFi 2022 event, the first preview of what that wallet and dApp user experience will be on Radix were released (click to view imagery).

On Radix, users will have access to “Smart Accounts” that bring multi-factor security to Web3 with on-network mechanisms, the ability to login to dApps with “Personas” that bring the personalization of Web2 to Web3 and eliminate password-based logins, and switch between mobile and desktop experiences effortlessly through “Radix Connect.” Radix Wallet will also make deep use of the Radix Network’s “Native Assets” that make digital ownership intuitive and safe, and “Transaction Manifests” that make DeFi transactions understandable and predictable.

“Radix Wallet provides a user experience that gets out of the way and lets users engage effortlessly. It’s the kind of user experience that will make Web3, DeFi, and even the Metaverse actually relevant to people, and you can’t build it on any network except Radix,” said RDX Works Chief Product Officer Matthew Hine.

The introduction of Radix Wallet and the five breakthrough supporting technologies of the Radix Network will finally solve the most critical usability problems holding DeFi back, creating a mature, friendly, safe and reliable user experience that works exactly as it should.

About Radix

Radix is an asset-oriented smart contract platform, purpose-built to support the demands of the $23 trillion DeFi opportunity. Radix offers the only full-stack for Decentralized Finance, without breaking atomic composability. If you know what that means, you know it’s a big deal.

Backed by 9 years of research, testing, and focused development, Radix has a global community of thousands and a network value over $250 million. To learn more, visit


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