New NFT Discovery Platform Raises $2M From Spartan and Sequoia

A new platform called Pulsr is designed to let NFT investors search the market with visual tools instead of text.

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New NFT Discovery Platform Raises $2M From Spartan and Sequoia

NFTs are crypto’s most visual offering, but exploring them is still largely driven by text searches. A project coming out of stealth this week aims to change that.

A new platform calledPulsr is meant to enhance the visual and aesthetic exploration of the NFT space and is slated to launch on Nov. 11. On Monday, Pulsr announced a $2M funding round from Spartan Group, Sequoia and others.

Pulsr is a social platform for NFTs that prioritizes visual exploration and price discovery. Pulsr will use the funding to build artificial intelligence powered search, an augmented reality wallet and to prepare its token, which will be used for NFT curation.

“We are excited to create a world where NFT communities can evolve from primarily being focused on speculation into art and creative culture,” Maxine Ryan, the project architect said in a statement.

Ryan previously served as chief operating officer of the crypto remittance startup, Bitspark, which shut its doors in early 2020.

Other investors in the Pulsr round included Future Fund, Tribe Capital podcaster and investor Anthony Pompliano, Mason Borda, CEO of TokenSoft, a platform for launching digital assets and Art on Internet, a foundation for emerging art and technology.

“We believe the team’s focus on creating a beautifully designed and easy-to-use experience for individual users can help onboard the next generation of NFT enthusiasts,” Kelvin Koh, managing partner of Spartan Group said in the release.

Pulsr is not the first project to enter the social space for NFTs. For example, Showtime is open for users now, and Hyype is in private beta.