Uniswap v3 Deployed on ZkSync Era Via Oku

Uniswap Foundation-backed front-end partners with ZkSync Era

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Oku, a Uniswap Foundation-backed interface for the Uniswap decentralized exchange, is now live on the surging Layer 2, ZkSync Era.

Oku offers advanced features including order books, charting, and other analytics for Uniswap v3 users. Oku was created by GFX Labs, who received a $1.6M grant from the Uniswap Foundation.

GFX Labs noted that Matter Labs, the team behind the ZkSync Era network, adapted its code to meet the peculiarities of Era’s virtual machine, which is not EVM equivalent.

“Uniswap v3 is one of the foundational pillars of DeFi and the crypto ecosystem as a whole,” said Marco Cora of Matter Labs, the team behind ZkSync Era. “We’re excited to see such an innovative front-end being deployed on zkSync Era that is packed with a rich user experience geared toward all types of DeFi users.”

“The integration with zkSync Era marks a significant milestone for us,” said Getty Hill, Oku Trade’s co-founder.

ZkSync Era quickly emerged as a leading player in Ethereum’s Layer 2 ecosystem following its launch back in March.

Airdrop speculation has helped to propel Era to rank as the top L2 by throughput. The network processed 29.5M transactions in the past 30 days, closely trailing the Ethereum mainnet’s 30.3M, according to L2beat. Era also ranks fourth among L2s by total value locked with $457M.