Scroll Rockets Through Layer 2 Rankings Amid Origins NFT Campaign

Scroll among top 3 Layer 2s by throughput after 138% spike in one week

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Scroll Rockets Through Layer 2 Rankings Amid Origins NFT Campaign

Activity on Scroll is picking up, with the network ranking third among Ethereum Layer 2s by throughput just one month after launching on mainnet.

Scroll’s throughput tagged a new high of more than 5 transactions per second (TPS) on Nov. 9 after increasing 138% in one week, according to data from L2beat. Scroll’s total value locked is also up 30% over the same period at $38.6M, according to DeFi Llama.

Scroll’s surging activity comes amid a campaign allowing any user that deploys a smart contract on the network to mint a Scroll Origins NFT.

The promotion ignited a flurry of development on the network, with opportunistic airdrop hunters speculating the NFT may confer eligibility in the event Scroll distributes a token to early adopters in the future. Minting launched on Oct. 10 and will remain open for 60 days.

Hype for a possible Scroll airdrop was evidenced by enormous activity on its testnets, with the team estimating its alpha testnet hosted more than 47M transactions from 9M users in six months.

Layer 2 rankings

Scroll now ranks as the third-most active Ethereum Layer 2 behind Arbitrum with 10.8 TPS and dYdX with 8 TPS, notably beating out the recently surging ZkSync Era with 4.75 TPS.

DYdX’s throughput is up 52% following the launch of its Cosmos-based Layer 1 appchain, dYdX Chain, roughly two weeks ago. With users bridging assets from dYdX’s older Layer 2 over to its new chain responsible for the lion’s share of dYdX’s current TPS, Scroll could soon emerge as the second most popular L2.

However, whether Scroll’s activity will remain high after its Origin NFT mints conclude remains to be seen.

Many Ethereum Layer 2s have quickly risen through the L2 throughput rankings after launching adoption incentives, only to drop back down once the promotional campaigns have concluded.

For example, Base quickly emerged as the top L2 by throughput after launching its “OnChain Summer” campaign in September, propelling the network to a record high of 21.3 TPS on Sept. 14. Activity on the network has since slumped, with Base processing an average of 2.7 TPS over the past 24 hours.