Opolis: A Public Utility for Employment


An Employment DAO providing infrastructure, shared services, and support to solopreneurs so they can realize sustainable freedom and flexibility in their independent work.

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Opolis: A Public Utility for Employment [Sponsored]


With approximately $50MM in annualized payroll volume, Opolis is a ‘community of communities’ for independent workers of all stripes and types.

From DeFI traders to NFT creators to DAO contributors…solopreneurs can maintain their independence while accessing the features and benefits needed for financial security.
In practical terms, the platform provides payroll management, healthcare insurance, retirement plans, workman’s compensation, compliance, and a host of other features that pair independence with the safety and security of traditional employment.

Opolis is also a bridge for those curious to explore independent work by solving real problems that exist in both Web 2 and Web 3 environments.

Under the hood, we use many Web3 primitives like smart contracts, Ethereum-based rewards tokens, and community governance — but create the flexibility and modularity needed so the “crypto-curious” and the “crypto-savvy” can both use the platform in ways that are familiar to them.


Freelancers can level up their businesses with free entity creation

Creating an entity professionalizes freelancer businesses, helps protect assets, and could lead to significant tax savings. Many Opolis Members already have an LLC or Corporation formed, and if they don’t, our Membership Stewards guide them through the process of forming an entity that suits their goals. “Professionalizing” unlocks the benefits of personalized payroll and access to group healthcare insurance.

Freelancers obtain proof of income through personalized payroll

Common financial transactions, such as renting an apartment or buying a house prove difficult for independent workers because they lack proof of income or employment. By acting as an Employer of Record (EoR), Members receive periodic pay stubs and a W2 at the end of the year. In addition, Opolis delivers paychecks the way Members choose: in $US Dollars or whitelisted digital currencies. Most importantly, with automated payroll through Opolis, taxes are calculated, withheld, filed, and remitted (along with other payroll taxes) to the proper jurisdictions on Members’ behalf.


Freelancers protect their families with high-quality, health benefits

The biggest reason workers in the US remain in traditional employment relationships is that they don’t want to lose access to good healthcare options. Independent workers have minimal choices for healthcare, resorting to state exchanges, catastrophic insurance, or YOLO’ing with no insurance at all. Opolis evens the playing field of work, by using group buying power to tap into high-quality healthcare providers, such as Cigna (the 2023 plans provider). As a result, Opolis Members often experience an average of 20-50% savings on group health insurance. Additionally, Members receive access to dental, vision, retirement, life, disability insurance, and more.


Freelancers share in value creation and ownership as community Members

The Opolis Employment Commons economic model allows for Members to work together towards a common goal – collective ownership of a digital employment cooperative.

In this model, Members are rewarded with $WORK Rewards for engaging in activities that are valuable to the Commons. Based on the percentage of $WORK Rewards that a Member holds, they not only share in profitswith other stakeholders but also have a voice in decisions on how Opolis is governed.


If you’re an independent worker, freelancer, solopreneur, digital nomad, or any other variety of freelancer authorized to work in the U.S. or Canada, you can raise your hand HERE to join the fight for self-sovereign employment. You can find more content here, join our Discord community discussion, follow us on Twitter, or reach out directly to the Community Membership Stewards at