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ETH and many leading Ethereum ecosystem projects are continuing to post new local highs despite Bitcoin and many other top cryptocurrencies pulling back. The DeFi sector is also on a run, with the combined capitalization of DeFi tokens closing in on $100B for the first time since May 2022.

Plus, Uniswap’s UNI token is similarly surging after a proposal that could see its long-anticipated “fee-switch” activated, while Parcl is the latest Solana project to confirm an incoming airdrop.

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📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$51,7020.29 %
Ethereum$3,098 3.66 %
Gold 1st Future$2,039 0.94 %
S&P 5005088.80 0.03 %
Arch Web32.57 0.56 %
Learn more about Arch Indices ,[object Object]%


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Ethereum Ecosystem Continues To Rally Into New Year-To-Date Highs

TLDR Many projects within the Ethereum ecosystem are continuing to post new highs for 2024 despite Bitcoin and other assets pulling back. ETH above $3,100, its highest level since April 2022, while prominent Layer 2s and sidechains in Mantle, Metis, and Gnosis posted triple-digit gains in recent months.

SO WHAT Ethereum’s continued bullish streak has helped to propel the DeFi sector to new multi-year highs, with both the combined capitalization and TVL of DeFi projects reaching heights last witnessed 22 months ago.

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UNI Soars 60% On Fee Switch Proposal

TLDR UNI is rallying in response to a governance proposal advocating for the activation of Uniswap’s long-anticipated fee-switch to the benefit of UNI stakers.

SO WHAT The price of UNI jumped 60% in a day in response to the news, with the token gaining 71% in two weeks to trade at its highest level since March 2022. The momentum positioned UNI as the second-strongest performing cryptocurrency of the past seven days

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The future of DeFi savings is here: High Yield USD (hyUSD) is a fully asset-backed flatcoin created on the Reserve protocol. Offering a robust hedge against inflation and a fresh take on financial sovereignty, hyUSD operates on Base L2, ensuring scalability and resilience amid market volatility for consistently high yields. The governance model of the Reserve protocol fortifies hyUSD’s stability and transparency, attracting those in pursuit of a dependable, decentralized currency. High Yield USD redefines savings, eschews traditional banking pitfalls, and champions a new era of DeFi.

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Parcl Announces Airdrop For DeFi Real Estate Traders

TLDR Parcl announced that it will launch a token and airdrop the asset to early adopters in May. The move follows speculation that the recent points campaigns from the decentralized real estate index exchange would culminate in a token generation event.

SO WHAT The move follows several high-profile airdrops bolstering the growth of the Solana ecosystem, with Jupiter, Jito, and Wen each dropping tokens to protocol users in recent months.

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