Starknet Foundation Creates Gaming Committee With $120M Budget

The committee will design and recommend programs to attract developers to build games on Starknet and to incentivize users to play them.

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image of a gaming committee sitting around a table

In a bid to boost its gaming ecosystem, the team behind Ethereum scaling solution Starknet has created a dedicated Gaming Committee. The committee’s roadmap is divided into three phases: analysis, strategy, and execution.

Starknet’s announcement spotlights GameFi, which remains one of the hottest narratives in crypto. As Bitcoin continues to make all-time highs, the GameFi sector showcases the highest 24-hour growth, climbing 30% to a total market cap of $32 billion.

The Starknet Foundation has allocated 50 million STRK tokens – trading today at $2.48, a 5.1% jump on the day – to fund proposals.

STRK Price chart
STRK Price

The committee includes six experts, including members of the Starknet Foundation, Starkware (the primary company behind Starknet), and members from Unstoppable Games, Web3 productivity app Focus Tree, gaming platform Cartridge, and NFT project Loot Realms.