MetaMask Introduces Validator Staking for Ethereum

ConsenSys Staking, the entity behind MetaMask Staking, manages over $2 billion in ETH across more than 33,000 validators.

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MetaMask, the non-custodial wallet developed by Consensys, has launched Validator Staking on MetaMask Portfolio, allowing users to run their own Ethereum validator node.

MetaMask's Validator Staking enables users to run Ethereum validators without the need for pooling or managing hardware, MetaMask announced today.

The service allows users to deposit 32 ETH, or multiples of 32 ETH via MetaMask, and delegate the operation of their validator to MetaMask Staking, while maintaining control over their account and funds.

Clients earn rewards, less a 10% fee charged by MetaMask. This fee is deducted when rewards are collected. Rewards displayed for each validator are always post-fee.

Staking Rewards

Rewards for Ethereum validators consist of a consistent base rate, supplemented by variable rewards received when a validator is randomly chosen to participate in block validation. The current reward rate for staking is at 4.26%, according to

ConsenSys Staking, the entity behind MetaMask Staking, boasts no slashing penalties incurred in over two years of operation and managing over $2 billion in ETH across more than 33,000 validators, according to MetaMask's website.

Slashing happens where validators lose a portion of their 32 ETH stake as a penalty for misbehavior, such as improper block attestation or inactivity.

The wallet had introduced staking via its Portfolio app in August.