Consensus 2024 by CoinDesk


Celebrating 10 years of decentralizing the future through discovery, dialogue and dealmaking.

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Consensus 2024 by CoinDesk

Amid the first Bitcoin winter, CoinDesk launched its first-ever Consensus gathering to unite the budding blockchain industry and explore its transformative potential. Now in its tenth year, Consensus has become the global platform to discuss, dissect and drive the narrative of a new digital revolution; from DeFi to Web3, AI and emerging technologies to regulation and more.

What is Consensus?

Consensus, known as the global epicenter for all things crypto, blockchain and Web3, has held its ground as the biggest and most established gathering of its kind worldwide. It is the only event that brings together all sides of the disparate crypto and Web3 ecosystems under one roof. Since its inception back in 2015, Consensus has been the go-to event for the DeFi community to meet face-to-face and take stock of industry developments, applaud groundbreaking innovations and get on the same page for the year ahead.

From the early days when bitcoin was just a fledgling with a value in the mere triple digits, to the frenzy of the last bull market, the FTX fall-out and beyond, Consensus has been there, front and center. It's been the place where minds meet, ideas collide and resolutions are born, right in the midst of some of crypto and Web3's most defining moments.

What’s in Store for Consensus 2024?

The tenth annual Consensus is taking place May 29-31 in Austin, Texas and is shaping up to be the biggest and most important year yet.

Your Exclusive Pass to Cutting-Edge Alpha

The 2024 agenda was just released and it's packed with insightful discussions, hands-on workshops, exciting activations and next-gen tech explorations. Discover the latest crypto, blockchain, Web3 and digital assets technologies, strategies, and innovators that will supercharge your business, and attract the biggest investment allocations in the years ahead.

  • 200+ of the industry’s most sought-after thought leaderswith more added every day
  • Check out “Bitcoin: We Are So Back” for insight into this bull market, how it differs from previous run-ups and the macro investment thesis for bitcoin and crypto broadly
  • Learn directly from these L1s: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, XRPL, Avalanche, Chainlink, NEAR and Stellar
  • And these L2s: Mantle, Arbitrum, Ethereum Cat Herders, Optimism, Base and more
  • Emerging tech exploration, including The Future of Virtual Societies, With 'Bored Elon Musk' and “How to (Ethically) Build Human AI”
  • Day-long summits dedicated to policy and regulation, the potential impact of digital assets on culture and business, what's next in on-chain innovation and more

Explore the Future of Finance with FutureFi Friday

On Friday at Consensus, industry insiders offer sneak peeks into forthcoming on-chain innovations poised to define the next crypto boom at the FutureFi Friday Summit. Discussions centered on vital topics including fortifying DeFi against hacks, harnessing AI for smarter trading and the emerging trend of airdrop farming. Join DeFi leaders as they share insights and ideas, on how the future of crypto hinges on both technological advancements and user-centric design.

Consensus offers an unrivaled, forward-looking perspective on the future of finance, encompassing digital assets, tokenization, blockchain technology, regulation and policy, startups and beyond.

And that’s just barely scratching the surface of what’s to come for the Consensus 2024 agenda. Be sure to check the official Consensus 2024 agenda often, because updates are being made daily!

Grow Your Network with Market Movers

The lineup of speakers and sessions is just one of the many reasons investors, creators, builders, brands and founders flock to Consensus. As the industry’s only big-tent style event, Consensus offers the unique opportunity to connect with the industry’s most influential movers and shakers.

Consensus is where high-level executives, tech wizards, savvy investors, bold entrepreneurs, imaginative creators, visionary artists, discerning regulators, legal eagles, scholarly academics and every other player in the mix gather annually to hash out, deliberate and explore the path of the decentralized economy.

With over 17,000 attendees hailing from 100 different countries, Consensus is the premier destination for soaking up and exchanging ideas, forging new connections, sealing lucrative deals, scouting top-notch talent or finding that next perfect collaborator.

Every aspect of Consensus is meticulously crafted with one aim in mind: to foster prime business-to-business interactions and provide unparalleled networking opportunities for all involved. Its high-impact show floor, exclusive meetups and curated events are designed to maximize new business relationships, serendipitous meetings and lead generation.

Don’t Miss Consensus 2024 – Celebrating 10 Years of Decentralizing the Future

From inspirational thought leadership to top-tier networking, Consensus delivers mission-critical insights and fresh connections that drive forward momentum, bolstering both strategy and innovation.

Don’t miss the tenth annual Consensus happening on May 29-31 in Austin, Texas. Save 15% on registration when you enter code DEFIANT at checkout.

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