AltLayer Launches ALT Staking

Rollup provider aims to provide fast finality with its MACH Alpha product built atop EigenLayer.

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 image visualizing a rollup network

Restaked rollups provider AltLayer has launched a staking feature, allowing ALT token holders to provide economic security to AltLayer's ecosystem.

The project launched its ALT token in January with an airdrop for early adopters. ALT hit an all-time high of $0.68 earlier today, according to Coingecko. Currently changing hands for $0.58, the token commands a $730 million market capitalization.

ALT Price chart
ALT Price

The staking feature is part of the phased rollout of AltLayer’s MACH Alpha, a layer built on top of EigenLayer's restaking mechanism, designed to support Optimism Mainnet and Arbitrum One.

MACH Alpha is designed to overcome the slow finality of Ethereum's mainnet, which often results in latency-sensitive applications relying on centralized sequencers for transaction publication. This fast finality layer will offer quicker transaction confirmation, crypto-economic security, and decentralized validation of rollup states.

Users can stake their tokens on the platform to earn rewards. The phased rollout plan for MACH Alpha includes additional features such as access for external operators and support for restaked assets. The final launch of MACH Alpha as an Actively Validated Service is expected to take place after EigenLayer's mainnet launch.