Farming Game Pixels Token Lands in Binance’s Top 10 After Launch

Its $500 million market cap ranks PIXEL at 7th on Binance’s Launchpool ranking.

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 pixelated farm scene with vibrant neon colors

Ronin-based farming and social crypto game, Pixels, launched its native token PIXEL early today on Binance.

With a $500 million market cap upon live trading, PIXEL has had a meteoric rise, quickly claiming a top 10 spot by market cap on the world’s largest crypto exchange. The token surged in value, trading for $0.64, a 1,513% price increase on the day.

Roughly 771 million PIXEL are circulating today, or 15% of the games total supply of 5 billion tokens.

Pixels Game

Pixel is a play-to-earn (P2E) farming game that builds land one pixel at a time. Powered by the Ronin network, the network currently enjoys more than 180,000 daily active users, allowing them to build and explore farms, one pixel at a time.

Originally built on Polygon, it later migrated to gaming-centric sidechain, Ronin.

Dubbed “The Ronin Effect,” Pixels has enjoyed widespread popularity, and has been categorized as a large driver for the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. Ronin gamers received a surprise airdrop snapshot over the weekend, amassing 20 million tokens today.

Today has been underwhelming for RON, currently notching a 2.3% gain on the day, trading for $3.38. It has been on a rocketship in 2024, however, marking a 292% increase, and a market cap of slightly over $1 billion.