Purported Pump.Fun Hacker Claims To Be In Hospital After Arrest and Release

A Twitter user claiming to be the former employee who stole $1.9M from the platform says the project is planning an airdrop.

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Purported Pump.Fun Hacker Claims To Be In Hospital After Arrest and Release

A Twitter user has claimed responsibility for the May 16 exploit that stole $1.9 million from, the surging memecoin launchpad.

On May 18, JarrettDunn, an X (formerly Twitter) account, tweeted they had spent a night in custody after being arrested by United Kingdom police in connection to last week’s exploit that resulted in roughly $1.9 million worth of SOL being stolen from

Dunn identified themselves as a disgruntled former employee of, arguing that the platform is operating in violation of U.K. law. Dunn also claimed that is planning to distribute an airdrop worth $80 million to early users.

“I spent overnight in custody as the pump team alleges I stole 2m of their Ill gotten gains with conspiracy to steal another 80m,” Dunn tweeted. “When I return to the station after my bail I will argue with the crown that Pump is guilty of far more heinous shit. Do you believe they are more guilty of the uk equivalent of running an unregistered securities exchange, or a gambling site with no license, kyc, or aml?”

On May 16, a different Twitter user also claiming to be Dunn appeared to claim responsibility for the attack.

The bizarre tweets come after published a May 17 post-mortem attributing the attack to a “former employee.” The platform also tweeted that it was cooperating with law enforcement on the day of the hack.

The incident follows enjoying meteoric growth since launching in January. On May 10, ranked as top DeFi protocol by weekly revenue with $3.3 million. did not respond to The Defiant’s request to comment at press time.

Unhinged accusations

In his May 18 tweet storm, Dunn also accused of exploiting overseas employees and planning to integrate live-streamed pornography onto the platform.

However, despite trying to position himself as a martyr willing to take on his former “horrible bosses,” Dunn’s thread garnered criticism in the comments section.

“I’m not a lawyer, and I’m not your lawyer, but I’m going to tell you for free that this isn’t going to work out for you the way you think it is,” said Functi0nZer0, the creator of Wildcat Protocol.

“You are not a hero, you are a felon,” added SoldanoCap.

On the following day, Dunn claimed he had been taken into hospital after his “mental health was taken into question.”