A New War Is Brewing in Crypto

This is Crypto With Cami, a show where we go through all the major news in DeFi and Web3 in 30 minutes or less.

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This week's headlines

0:00 Face of Web3

0:33 Week of Feb. 26

1:40 Uniswap Fee Switch

3:24 Uniswap V2 on 6 chains

6:09 Limit Orders with Uniswap

7:17 New Analytics Page

8:36 Uniswap Sub-domains

9:42 Uniswap Extension

16:51 Market Updates

18:30 Coinbase Down

19:00 Telegram $TON

19:30 Airdrops on Bitcoin

20:37 Robinhood x Arbitrum

21:02 Ondo Finance

21:47 Blast L2

22:22 Ether.Fi