Layer 2 Network ZkSync Unveils ‘Hyperchain’ Vision With ZK Stack

Era Mainnet Has Surpassed $600M In TVL As Airdrop Farmers Eye Potential Token

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Layer 2 Network ZkSync Unveils ‘Hyperchain’ Vision With ZK Stack

ZkSync, the zero-knowledge scaling solution from Matter Labs, has launched a customizable tech stack for creating ZK-powered Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks on Ethereum.

The “ZK Stack” is based on the code for zkSync Era, Matter Labs’ zero-knowledge rollup offering compatibility with Ethereum.

“The ZK Stack is a modular, free, open-source framework for building custom ZK-powered L2s and L3s,” Matter Labs said. “Our priority is now helping many more teams understand and contribute to the ZK Stack.”

Chains built on top of the ZK Stack will be composable via native bridges, allowing them to unify into a “trustless network with low latency and shared liquidity.”

ZK Stack is Matter Labs’ answer to Optimism’s OP Stack, and lays the groundwork for a unified ecosystem of “hyperchains” that leverage its technology.

Optimism released its OP Stack on June 6 to enable developers to easily create Layer 2 networks on Ethereum. OP Stack allows users to swap out zero-knowledge validity proofs for optimistic fraud proofs, with few restraints on customization. OP Stack-based chains will be able to operate as a symbiotic “superchain” following future upgrades.

Several prominent teams are already building on top of the OP Stack, including Base from Coinbase and Binance’s BNB Chain. Last week, NFT marketplace Zora launched its own Layer 2 using the platform.

ZkSync Era

The release follows the initial success of ZkSync Era, which opened to the public in late March.

Era has emerged as the third-largest L2 with $624M in total value locked after just seven weeks, according to L2beat. Its growth is showing few signs of slowing down, with a 21% rise in TVL over the past seven days.

ZkSync Era TVL

However, opportunistic airdrop hunters anticipating a future token are likely contributing to the network’s impressive growth. For comparison, Polygon zkEVM, a rival zero-knowledge-powered rollup that launched just a few days after Era from a project with an existing token, has failed to garner comparable traction.

Matter Labs said ZK Stack would help projects with specialized requirements, such as low latency transaction sequencing for decentralized social networks or high throughput DEXes.

It also said the tech stack is suitable for enterprises and institutions seeking to launch private chains or Layer 3 appchains, noting they can overcome liquidity fragmentation by interoperating with other hyperchains.