Rainbow WalIet Introduces ETH Rewards Program

The multi-chain wallet will distribute ETH to its top users on a weekly basis.

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depiction of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

Multi-chain wallet Rainbow has unveiled the first phase of its rewards program, with rewards in ETH for its top 10,000 all-time points collectors.

The top 1,000 Rainbow users will be able to claim their share of ETH rewards every Tuesday at 4:20 pm EST, based on the number of points earned over the last week.

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Rainbow’s points program was introduced on December 12, 2023. Points can be earned through on-chain activities such as swaps, bridges, minting NFTs, or by referring other users.

The team's social media post also hinted at a possible snapshot and an expanded rewards pool meant to scale alongside its community.

“This is just the beginning,” said Rainbow co-founder Mike Demarais.

ETH Rewards can be claimed through the Rainbow mobile app or browser extension on any Superchain network that is supported by Rainbow, specifically Base, Zora, or Optimism.