EigenLayer Launches Six Actively Validated Services

The restaking protocol aims to accelerate rollups, real-world data integration, and co-processors.

By: Pedro Solimano Loading...

 image depicting multiple networks being secured by Ethereum

Ethereum restaking protocol EigenLayer continues an active week, announcing today its AVS mainnet launch and six new Actively Validated Services (AVS).

The new services include AltLayer’s MACH restaked rollups, Brevis’s Coprocessor – which allows smart contracts to read from full historical on-chain data and run trustless customizable computations – Eoracle’s Ethereum native oracle, Lagrange’s State Committee, which will provide light client functionality, and Witness Chain’s DePIN coordination layer.

Lagrange, MACH AVS, and Witness Chain’s Watchtower will address rollup needs, whereas Eoracle serves for real-world data integration. Lastly, coprocessors shine by acting as the stateless counterpart that offers cheap and fast computing.

AVSs are actively validated services, such as middleware, services, chains, networks, and PoS systems, secured by EigenLayer restakers and run by EigenLayer operators.

Today’s announcement follows EigenLayer’s much-awaited Ethereum mainnet launch, which took place on April 9. The first 24 hours saw a serious inflow of capital, with $500 million in delegated stake, along with record high total-value locked.

Some major operators were also announced yesterday, including the Coinbase developer platform, Google Cloud, and Blockdaemon.

EigenLayer has enabled new options for holders of Ethereum’s native token, ETH, to start earning yield. Since June, the platform has amassed 4.1 million ETH, commanding 99% of the restaking sector, which currently stands at $13.7 billion.