Supra's Real-Time Price Feeds & On-Chain Randomness Go Live On ApeCoin's Web3 GameFi Network

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Supra's Real-Time Price Feeds & On-Chain Randomness Go Live On ApeCoin's Web3 GameFi Network

Zug, Switzerland, May 16th, 2024, Chainwire

Supra, a leading oracle data feeds and verifiable randomness provider across 80+ blockchains, is excited to announce its integration with ApeChain, making it the first oracle price feeds protocol and verifiable randomness protocol to deploy on the new Layer 3 on Arbitrum.

Supra's oracle price feeds protocol, Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA), will enable enhanced real-time data accessibility, superior functionality and faster decision-making for GameFi, DeFi, and other decentralized applications building on ApeChain. Meanwhile, Supra dVRF delivers a solution for generating decentralized and verifiable randomness for ApeChain dApps, ensuring the integrity of random outcomes in blockchain games, prize draws and other scenarios that require full transparency to ensure trust.

Supra Delivers Crucial Data to dApps

With its novel oracle data feeds, Supra significantly enriches the capabilities of smart contracts by facilitating secure access to external data that's essential for Web3 dApps. Supra's novel oracle protocol, DORA, is designed to tackle the challenges of efficiently validating and communicating real-world data to deterministic blockchain networks — with over 475 active price feeds and growing steadily. Its Layer-1 grade security, resistance to Byzantine corruption, and possible node collusion ensure the delivery of high-quality price feeds with strong security guarantees. Supra also supports both push and pull models, catering to a diverse range of needs for dApps.

Supra is powered by the Supra Moonshot Consensus protocol, which brings blazing performance speeds and robust security guarantees to its data feeds. In its advanced global testing phase, the Moonshot Consensus protocol recorded 530K transactions per second throughput with 500 millisecond optimistic finality and ~1.5–2 secs full block finality. Other unique features of Supra's oracle data feeds include innovations such as archival for secure data storage, authenticity for accurate data verification, and aggregation for combining diverse data sources into a single, dependable information stream.

Engineering Trust With Verifiable, On-Chain Randomness

Building on the strengths of DORA, Supra's dVRF protocol solves the problem of generating unpredictable outcomes for dApps via decentralized randomness in a trustless, verifiable way. This is crucial for Web3 game developers, who can use dVRF to guarantee the integrity and unpredictability of random outcomes in any scenario where it's required, such as prize draws and competition matchups. By using Supra's innovative on-chain verifiable randomness generator, dApps can create random outcomes in a way that can be easily verified, enhancing trust within their communities.

In this way, Supra dVRF provides a source of unbiased and unpredictable randomness, fulfilling an essential function for dApps that demand equal and fair opportunities for every participant.

ApeChain: Setting New Standards For GameFi

ApeChain is a new specialized Layer 3 (L3) solution built on Arbitrum, designed to be the foundational platform for the vibrant Ape community and support the growth of ApeCoin. The Ape community holds a key place in Web3 at the intersection of NFT and gaming, and ApeChain's dedicated infrastructure is primed to host a slew of forthcoming gaming titles and protocols within the ApeCoin ecosystem, ensuring a smooth and efficient gaming experience.

ApeChain has attracted a lot of interest from GameFi and metaverse dApps, increasing the need for reliable data oracles that provide fresh off-chain data. Gaming applications also demand verifiable on-chain randomness to guarantee fairness. With Supra's dVRF and oracle data feeds, game developers will be able to build richer experiences with enhanced performance on ApeChain.

“Supra is pioneering solutions with integrations across all major ecosystems and will now empower ApeChain through Bridges, Oracles, Automation, and Randomizers. The ApeCoin DAO eagerly anticipates the innovative creations that builders will craft, leveraging Supra’s best-in-class stack for games, DeFi, and beyond!”

— Hervé Larren, ApeCoin DAO Special Council and co-author of ApeChain.

By partnering with Supra, ApeChain hopes to drive the mass adoption of GameFi, delivering more reliable data and increasing trust with guaranteed, verifiably fair outcomes.

About Supra

Supra is the leading provider of oracle price feeds and verifiable randomness services across 80+ blockchains, taking high-quality, low-latency data and randomness across all corners of Web3 with strong security guarantees — helping dApps across EVM L1s, L2s, and L3s, MoveVM chains, Bitcoin L2s, and more.

Supra leads in decentralized Web3 services, focusing on scalability, security, and speedy transactions, supported by a developer toolkit with extensive guides and technical whitepapers. Join Supra’s journey to witness its growth, innovation, and community involvement.


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