NodeRun Launches Quick Grants to Bootstrap Novel Community Projects

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NodeRun Launches Quick Grants to Bootstrap Novel Community Projects

Tel Aviv, Israel, April 18th, 2023, Chainwire

Blockchain infrastructure service NodeRun has launched Quick Grants, a first-of-its-kind initiative for funding community projects. 10% of the validator rewards NodeRun collects will be disbursed to applicants approved for a Quick Grant.

With Quick Grants, NodeRun aims to accelerate ecosystem growth while making it easier for innovative teams to receive the funding to kick-start their concept. The first program to be awarded a Quick Grant has been incubated in conjunction with cross-chain communication protocol Axelar. Funds have been awarded to to create a cross-chain ENS service. 5,000 AXL tokens have been granted to the team to further develop their solution. Julian Alvarez Silva, CEO of adds, “The ONS team is looking forward to bringing interoperability to all users. The NodeRun grant will help us deploy contracts across 30+ chains as well as setting servers and RPCs up so everything works smoothly.”

NodeRun CEO Eyal Alsheich explained: “NodeRun participates in the early stages of network deployment, running testnet nodes and helping with technical documentation. Then, when the network goes live, we give a portion of our validator fees back to the ecosystem in the form of Quick Grants. While our focus is on the Cosmos ecosystem, where half of our nodes are based, we welcome Quick Grant applicants from every ecosystem that’s creating something truly innovative.”

Node Capital founder Amos Meiri said: “We’re happy to have supported and incubated the development of NodeRun. Today, NodeRun supports many of our investments such as Lava, Stride, and Axelar, providing maximum uptime, performance, and excellent support.”

NodeRun operates on 13 PoS chains with a particular focus on the Cosmos ecosystem. Its node service is utilised by DeFi developers, investment funds, and institutions. Initially developed within Node.Capital, NodeRun is now an independent entity serving different partners as well as its own delegation nodes. Networks supported by NodeRun include Axelar, Stride, Polygon, Ethereum, Lava, Arbitrum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Kava.

Aside from providing node and validator services, NodeRun actively participates in the networks as it’s deployed, taking part in testnets, governance, and documentation. As a community-focused service, NodeRun aims to support the blockchain ecosystems it’s involved with, not just from a technical perspective, but a financial one too.

The commission fees NodeRun collects for operating validator services enables the company to play an active role in supporting innovative projects. Quick Grants help turn outstanding ideas into viable concepts, giving small teams the head start they need to succeed.

About NodeRun

Founded by Eyal Alsheich, NodeRun is an Israel-based blockchain node and validator service for proof of stake networks. It serves 13 networks and has a major presence within the Cosmos ecosystem. Through Quick Grants, NodeRun funds innovative projects, disbursing a portion of the fees it collects and directing them to enterprising startups.

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