HackQuest and Vara Network Start Vara Learning Track to Further Embrace Web3 Mass Adoption

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HackQuest and Vara Network Start Vara Learning Track to Further Embrace Web3 Mass Adoption

Singapore, Singapore, July 10th, 2024, Chainwire

HackQuest, an all-in-one Web3 developer education platform, has integrated with Vara Network and started Vara Network Learning Track, preparing developers from both Web2 and Web3 to build on Vara.

What Can Users Expect from the Vara Network Learning Track?

Participants completing the learning track will receive:

  • A certificate co-issued by HackQuest and Vara Network, represented as an on-chain SBT mintable upon completion of the courses.
  • Opportunities to participate in a beginner-friendly Varathon with a prize pool starting at $6K, refreshed monthly.

The Varathon will be featured on the HackQuest Hackathon page, allowing developers to access additional information and submit their projects easily.

Introduction to Vara Network Learning Track

Vara Network Learning Track is a free, self-guided online developer learning track designed to introduce aspiring Web3 builders and founders to the Vara ecosystem.

Course Overview

Introduction to Vara Network

Vara Network Learning Track starts with Vara Network, Gear Protocol & Substrate basics. It covers core concepts like Nominated Proof of Stake (NPOS), the Actor Model, Persistent Memory, and WebAssembly (Wasm).

Gear Protocol Foundational Course

Following the introduction to Vara Network is the Gear Protocol Foundational Course. It teaches the syntax and functionalities of Gear Protocol, including key aspects such as Mailbox, State Functions, Metadata, and Asynchronous Programming.

Introduction to Rust

Learners will also step into Rust programming through the course "Introduction to Rust," starting with basics like ownership, compound data types, control flow, and error handling, progressing to advanced concepts.

This structured approach aims that developers gain the skills to build sophisticated decentralized applications.

Advanced-Level Projects

After the introduction to the Vara ecosystem, Gear Protocol, and Rust programming, the learning track guides learners to build basic to advanced-level projects step-by-step, including:

  • Launching a GRC20 Token on Vara
  • Creating an NFT on Vara
  • Developing a Virtual Pet Game on Vara

The Vara Network Learning Track caters to different learning styles. HackQuest offers a personal dashboard for tracking progress, setting goals and a mission center that gamifies learning.

HackQuest Collaborates with Vara to Facilitate Web3 Mass Adoption

Vara Network is a decentralized layer-1 blockchain platform built on the Gear Protocol. It provides a secure and efficient environment for next-gen applications. It features a Nominated Proof-of-Stake mechanism, low transaction costs, and community-driven governance.

Vara's foundation rests on three core concepts: the actor model and persistent memory—both widely used in large-scale computation and microservices—and wasm, a WebAssembly-based virtual machine compatible with all modern browsers known for its superior speed compared to traditional Web2 virtual machines.

Built as a WASM-native hub, Vara facilitates innovative projects utilizing parallel execution and asynchronous programming to deliver top-tier decentralized products across various segments.

Secure Stability Encouraging dApp Development

Vara Network offers scalability and security for various industries, including gaming, finance, and businesses. It specializes in tokenizing assets, improving supply chain management, and securing documentation with low latency and high memory efficiency.

Vara’s use cases include:

  • On-chain gaming with secure, transparent asset transactions
  • Zero-knowledge cryptography for privacy
  • DeFi apps for fast, low-cost transactions
  • NFTs for dynamic assets

Gear Protocol streamlines and enhances dApps development through advanced features such as automated processes, gasless and signless transactions, and built-in actors for complex operations.

Built on Substrate, it leverages Rust to provide a robust and efficient programming environment. Rust’s performance, safety, and concurrency are ideal for developing secure, high-performance blockchain applications. It allows developers to write and compile in familiar languages while leveraging Gear's innovative capabilities.

Comprehensive Learning and Certification for Aspiring Web3 Innovators

The Vara Network Learning Track is for Web3 developers, founders, and aspiring developers interested in the Vara ecosystem, Web3, and smart contract development. ‎Vara Certifications earned from the Learning Track provide participants with exclusive industry connections and a strong foundation for professional growth and innovation in the crypto realm.

Users can start learning today to become a Vara builder.

About Vara Network

Vara Network is the first deployment on Gear Protocol, showcasing the power and potential of its technology. The Gear Foundation is dedicated to supporting all Gear Protocol-based networks, with Vara Network being its primary focus at the moment. Additionally, The network is further strengthened by a dedicated community of developers and members.

Vara provides a secure platform for developers looking to develop the next generation of dapps. It offers low transaction costs, gas fee rebates, staking, participation in governance, validator, nominator, development grants, ambassador program and more. For more information, users can visit

About HackQuest

HackQuest is a self-guided developer education platform. HackQuest offers expert-curated learning paths with on-chain certificates co-issued by leading Web3 ecosystems including Arbitrum, Solana, and Mantle Network. Community builders are supported beyond through co-learning camps, meet-ups, and hackathons. For more information, users can visit