Cartesi announces exciting ecosystem updates for 2023: a glimpse into Mainnet and multiple new initiatives

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Cartesi announces exciting ecosystem updates for 2023: a glimpse into Mainnet and multiple new initiatives

Singapore, Singapore, April 11th, 2023, Chainwire

Cartesi (an application-specific rollup execution layer with a Linux runtime), is moving closer to its mainnet-ready stage with Cartesi Rollups. Alongside this, Cartesi’s ecosystem is set to enter a new era of development with exciting new initiatives currently underway.


Earlier this year, Cartesi launched its Community Grants Program (CGP), aimed at expanding the network of contributors building the Cartesi ecosystem. In 2023, a total of $1 million USD will be available for funding. Applicants can learn more about the CGP review process, rules, and guidelines to get their applications submitted via the Discourse forum.

To increase transparency, encourage idea sharing, foster greater collaboration, attract new contributors, and further grow the ecosystem, the Cartesi Foundation is actively encouraging all grantees to migrate more technical discussions to public discord channels.

In addition to this, Cartesi is moving forward with its decentralization efforts and piloting a guild program to identify and recognize contributions from community members. This aims not only to be a vector for future decentralization activities, but also to encourage developers and community members alike to continue engaging with and growing the Cartesi ecosystem.

In the months to come, the Cartesi Discord channel will undergo a restructuring, with more dynamic public discussion amongst contributors regarding research and development of Cartesi’s core technology.


Noir, a dedicated Web3 brand venture studio, with prominent Web3 projects like Moonpay, Rarestone, and Biconomy in their portfolio, will help Cartesi in creating a fresh brand identity for Cartesi’s technology and ecosystem. This refreshed identity will embody the spirit of openness, decentralization, and transformative potential, better representing the current values of Cartesi’s ecosystem.

With this rebrand, Noir aims to help Cartesi mirror the project’s move toward further decentralization, and to empower and attract meaningful contributions from future developers, especially given the new wave of interest surrounding app-specific rollups.

Mainnet for Cartesi DApps

Cartesi Rollups will be mainnet-ready with the launch of the first Cartesi-powered DApp on mainnet: Honeypot. The Honeypot DApp will engage the Cartesi developer community in an exciting hacking challenge, setting a financial benchmark for secure asset management and providing a gamified battlefield for the community to help audit and test Cartesi’s cutting-edge technology.

The Honeypot DApp’s mainnet launch will mark the beginning of a new era for the Cartesi project. As the Honeypot is tested and fortified, users and devs will have increased confidence in the security of Cartesi’s tech to launch and use new DApps that hold real assets.

Ecosystem and Adoption

With the launch of the Honeypot DApp and mainnet-ready announcement for Cartesi Rollups, the Cartesi Foundation plans to create a new Ecosystem Incentives Program that will be run by the community and funded with CTSI. The Ecosystem Incentives Program will be available for Cartesi DApps that are deployed on mainnet. Through this program, a pool of CTSI will be available to qualifying DApps to be used as an incentive mechanism to acquire users and adoption.

Alongside this, multiple initiatives are underway to bolster adoption of Cartesi technology amongst developer communities over the world. To showcase experimental DApps and make it easier for the community to share or explore new and developing projects within the Cartesi ecosystem, you can look forward to a website that features the groundbreaking new ways that Cartesi Rollups open the design space for decentralized applications.

Following strong hackathon participation in 2022, Cartesi will continue to take part in ETH Global hackathons in 2023. With a planned presence sponsoring ETH Lisbon, ETH Paris, ETH New York, ETH Istanbul and ETHGlobal Online, Cartesi is offering up more then $50,000 USD in bounties at ETH Global hackathons and beyond in 2023.

To encourage technical experimentation and onboard new builders, Cartesi will continue to host technical workshops for developer communities around the world, building on successful workshops with Think&Dev, Austin Python, Red Hat Blockchain Community of Practice, EasyA and Inteli, to name a few. Cartesi is looking forward to seeing more organizations and universities collaborate with the Cartesi community to onboard the next wave of Web3 builders to Cartesi technology.

About Cartesi

Cartesi is a suite of solutions for the development and deployment of scalable dApps. Cartesi’s app-specific rollups with a VM that runs Linux distributions creates a richer, more open design space for developers. Cartesi equips creators with the tools to bring impossible ideas to life.

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