DogWifHat Community Raises $690K To Put Meme On Vegas Sphere

The community has exceeded the $650,000 threshold.

By: Pedro Solimano Loading...

image of the dogwifhat meme on the Las Vegas Sphere

Las Vegas is gearing up to get memed.

The community behind Solana-based memecoin, Dogwifhat (WIF), has exceeded its $650,000 goal to put the image of the token on the famous Las Vegas sphere.

“Wif on sphere,” as the campaign is called, has raised over $691,000 in USDC.

WIF has become the darling of this bull run, outpacing even the most established of memecoins. The token has increased sevenfold in the past thirty days, trading today for $2.66, with a whopping $2.6 billion market cap.

Standing 366 feet tall, and an exterior sizing that reaches 580,000 square feet, the Las Vegas Sphere costs $450,000 per day, and $650,000 per week. It has garnered worldwide attention for its 3D-format screening, which the Dogwifhat community aims to leverage.

Top Signal?

Projecting an image of a memecoin on a huge orb in Las Vegas, the global capital of gambling, is the perfect example of how frothy crypto can get in a bull run. Some may be wondering if this exuberance is a sign the market has already topped.

Others will advise to not overthink it. The Dogwifhat on the Las Vegas Sphere is simply a reflection of the whimsical nature of degen culture, which will blow up a token with no utility into the billions of dollars, only to throw more cash around to project their bags on a global scale.

It remains to be seen whether this is the bark before the bite of a price pullback. Regardless, and despite the heat, Sin City is about to get a wool hat.