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The Defiant

Seven Bored Apes Worth $700K Stolen

Observers Suspect a Serial Scammer

By: Owen Fernau •  

Seven Bored Apes Worth $700K Stolen

Yet another holder of Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs has fallen prey to a phishing scam.

The latest theft resulted in the loss of seven of the NFTs, each worth over $100,000 at current floor prices.


Stolen BAYC NFTs

The victim appears to have been tricked into granting approval to a malicious contract. Once this happened, the scammer was able to transfer the seven BAYC tokens out of the victim’s wallet.

Among the stolen NFTs is BAYC #6567, which the victim purchased for 190 ETH ($250,000) just two days ago. The scammer offloaded it for 63 ETH earlier today.


BAYC #6567

Serial Scammer

According to ZachXBT, a well-known whistleblower in the crypto space, there’s a chance the person or group that stole the NFTs is a repeat offender.

He noted on Twitter that the scammer who obtained the seven Bored Apes had already stolen another one, Bored Ape 8941, in September.

The on-chain sleuth further linked the theft of Bored Ape 8941 to someone he refers to as HK/Chase by noting the connection between the alleged perpetrator’s profile picture on OpenSea with a previous exposé on a group allegedly responsible for hacking over 600 Discord servers.

CirrusNFT, a collector who recently highlighted the liquidations faced by BAYC holders on BendDAO, calls it the “worst wallet drain in recent memory.”

Bored Apes Face Liquidation on BendDAO Amid NFT Bear Market

Bored Apes Face Liquidation on BendDAO Amid NFT Bear Market

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The Defiant The Defiant

Scammers have targeted Bored Ape owners in the past — A hacker stole actor Seth Green’s Bored Ape in May. In April, another scammer stole four of the NFTs by hacking the official BAYC Instagram account.