Telefonica and Nova Labs Launch Helium Mobile Hotspots in Mexico

Partnership between Telefonica and Nova Labs brings blockchain-based mobile hotspot technology to Mexico.

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Telefonica, the world's 27th largest telecommunications company by revenue, has teamed up with Nova Labs to introduce Helium mobile hotspots in Mexico. The collaboration aims to enhance connectivity and provide reliable internet access to underserved communities in the country.

Through this partnership, Telefonica plans to deploy thousands of Helium mobile hotspots across Mexico City and Oaxaca, Helium and Telefonica announced today. The Helium network, built on blockchain technology developed by Nova Labs, aims to provide secure and decentralized connectivity.

Helium's mobile hotspots leverage the Helium blockchain network, which operates on a unique proof-of-coverage concept. Users who host the hotspots contribute to the network's coverage and receive incentives in the form of Helium cryptocurrency, HNT.

HNT is up more than 16% today to $6.97. HNT had rallied 50% when it expanded its mobile service nation-wide across the U.S. by leveraging T_Mobile's network in December.

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Expand Internet Access

This collaboration between Telefonica and Nova Labs is a significant development in the efforts to expand internet access in Mexico. These hotspots will enable individuals and businesses in remote areas to access high-speed internet, bridging the digital divide that exists in many regions.

"The deployment of these hotspots will unlock new possibilities for individuals and businesses in underserved areas," said Maria Alvarez, CEO of Telefonica Mexico in a press release.

Telefonica has 383 million customers and a market capitalization of $23.7 billion.

Telefonica and Nova Labs built the solution based on the OpenWifi standard developed by the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). This solution enables select Movistar customers in Mexico to access the Helium Mobile Network using their Movistar SIM cards for authentication.