Trust Wallet Launches ETH Pooled Staking Service

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Trust Wallet Launches ETH Pooled Staking Service

Dubai, UAE, January 23rd, 2024, Chainwire

Trust Wallet, a leading cryptocurrency gateway, announces the launch of ETH Pooled Staking. This feature aims to expand the Ethereum staking experience, offering greater access, potential for rewards, and security for Trust Wallet users.

ETH Pooled Staking, offered through Trust Wallet and powered by Kiln, addresses some of the traditional limitations associated with Ethereum staking, while providing a competitive annual percentage rate (APR) of up to 3.8%*. The requirement to hold a minimum of 32 ETH is no longer a constraint, allowing a broader range of users to engage in staking activities. This initiative reflects Trust Wallet's ongoing efforts to make cryptocurrency investments more inclusive and represents a noteworthy development in digital asset management.

Key Features of ETH Pooled Staking:

Higher Staking Rewards with Lower Fees: ETH Pooled Staking offers higher rewards than centralized exchanges by staking directly on-chain and reducing intermediary involvement. This method not only amplifies user profitability but also offers greater control over their staked assets.

Contributing to Chain Security: Users of ETH Pooled Staking don't just benefit financially; they also contribute to the security and stability of the Ethereum blockchain. This 'doing well by doing good' aspect adds a feel-good factor to the staking experience.

Enhanced Security Benefits: Aligning with Trust Wallet’s core principle of security, the collaboration with Kiln ensures a robust and secure staking environment, safeguarding users' assets and interests.

Accessible Staking for All: The removal of the 32 ETH minimum requirement invites all Trust Wallet users to participate in staking, promoting a more diverse and equitable crypto ecosystem.

Seamless Integration: The ETH Pooled Staking feature is seamlessly accessible directly from the Trust Wallet app with only a couple of clicks, providing a user-friendly interface for effortless staking of ETH.

“I am incredibly excited about the introduction of ETH Pooled Staking. This initiative goes beyond being just another feature - it signifies our dedication to providing our users with a more equitable and profitable staking option, while also enhancing the robustness of the Ethereum network.” said Nate Zou, Product Lead at Trust Wallet.

“We eagerly encourage our Trust Wallet community to delve into the rewarding experience of ETH Pooled Staking. This development is a key landmark in Trust Wallet's ongoing journey to offer holistic, user-friendly, and secure solutions in the cryptocurrency space.”

About Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is the simple-to-use, self-custody crypto wallet and gateway to Web3 for people who want to fully own, control, and leverage the power of their digital assets. From beginners to experienced users, Trust Wallet makes it simpler, safer, and convenient for millions of people around the world to experience Web3, store and manage their crypto and NFTs, buy, sell, and stake crypto to earn rewards, and access dApps securely—all in one place. With features such as the Trust Wallet Security Scanner, and support for 10+ million digital assets across 100+ blockchains, Trust Wallet is a true multi-chain crypto wallet that allows users to access the Web3 world safely, and without limits.

Please note: *APR is an estimate and may vary due to market fluctuations


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