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Resurging volatility drove more than $230M worth of liquidations, with longs making up the bulk of affected positions. Most leading assets are trading within reach of their year-to-date highs, and Bitcoin's dominance over the broader crypto markets continues to grow.

In other news, institutional investors are hedging their crypto bets, EigenLayer raised its deposit limits, Coordinape deployed a social platform for crypto professionals, hackers nabbed $830,000 from Aurory, and the ApeCoin DAO has recovered dozens of stolen apes.

Plus, crypto industry leaders have raised $78M for a Political Action Committee to lobby lawmakers.

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  • 100,000 traders margin called
  • Institutional investors break extended inflows
  • EigenLayer raises LST deposit cap
  • Coordinape launches pro social networking
  • Hackers ransack Aurory
  • Boring Security saves 56 apes
  • Crypto leaders pool $78M for U.S. lobbying


📈 Markets in last 24 hrs:

BTC$41,411 -1.98%
ETH$2,200 -1.27%
S&P 500$4,741 0.45%
GOLD$2,026 0.26%
Arch WEB31.20pts +0.67%
FINANCE1.10pts -0.6%
INFRA1.35pts 2.58%
CONSUMER1.42pts -0.07%
Arch WEB3

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Check out our recent interview with a 13-year-old crypto VC to get his bullish thesis for Eigenlayer and restaking. And watch our podcast with Chris Bradbury, the CEO of, to learn about the project's recent rebrand from and what the move means for users.


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Uptick In Crypto Volatility Drives $230M In Liquidations

TLDR More than 100,000 traders were liquidated amid violent volatility yesterday. Most leading assets quickly recovered following a weekend retracement and Monday capitulation, wiping out $230M worth of positions from bulls and bears alike.

SO WHAT The heavy liquidations served to flush leverage out of the markets, with many investors entering into debt-fueled positions amid the recent sustained rally. While longs represented the majority of liquidated positions, Bitcoin bears accounted for more than two-thirds of BTC margin calls as Bitcoin's dominance extended.

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Institutions Break 11 Straight Weeks Of Buying Crypto

TLDR Institutional investors are taking profits, with CoinShares reporting the first week of outflows from institutional crypto products for the first time in more than two months.

SO WHAT Traders pulled $16M from institutional products this past week, reversing an 11-week run of inflows — the longest stretch on inflows for 2023. Institutional investors accumulated $1.6B worth of BTC exposure throughout the year.

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EigenLayer Raises Deposit Cap To 500,000 ETH

TLDR EigenLayer, the pioneering restaking protocol, increased its deposit limits for liquid staking tokens alongside launching support for six new LSTs. Users have already tipped 88,000 ETH worth of LSTs following the increase, leaving a little over 400,000 ETH worth of capacity unfilled.

SO WHAT LST holders have previously missed out on restaking via EigenLayer, with the protocol's liquid staking pools quickly reaching their limits with previous cap increases. EigenLayer's decision to support a wide variety of LSTs demonstrates the project's desire not to drive liquid staking centralization amid concerns over Lido's dominance.

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Coordinape Launches ‘CoLinks’ Professional Social Network For Crypto

TLDR Coordinape launched CoLinks, a professional networking application seeking to leverage on-chain reputation. Reputation is established through the on-chain interactions associated with their wallet, in addition to by linking their account to profiles on Twitter or LinkedIn.

SO WHAT Coordinape is seeking to showcase web3 social applications offering utility beyond the ponzinomics associated with the recent SocialFi boom driven by Friend Tech and copycats. However, CoLinks also borrows the key speculation mechanism pioneered by Friend Tech.

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The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) has played a crucial role in the Stellar ecosystem since its inception in 2016. As we approach the groundbreaking Soroban Mainnet launch, which introduces smart contract functionality to the Stellar public network, SCF is set for its fifth iteration.

The recent expansion of SCF marks a significant stride in bootstrapping the ecosystem, on the Stellar native smart contract platform Soroban. This initiative has been crucial in fostering the development of innovative tools and applications within the Stellar network. With an impressive allocation of nearly $10M in XLM* to over 130 projects in 2023 alone, SCF demonstrates its commitment to scaling up support for blockchain innovation.

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Hacker Steals $830,000 From Cross-Chain Bridge of Solana Game Aurory

TLDR Aurory, a Solana-based web3 game inspired by Pokemon, has become the latest crypto project to fall victim to a bridge exploit. Hackers compromised Aurory's marketplace and bridge, leading to a loss of $830,000 from team-controlled wallets.

SO WHAT The Aurory team used its market maker to purchase all of the stolen funds back from the attacker via the Arbitrum-based Camelot DEX. Aurory said no user funds were impacted, and took its bridge protocol offline to address the vulnerability.

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Boring Security Rescues 38 Apes Stolen In NFT Trader Exploit

TLDR Boring Security, a crypto security firm funded by the ApeCoin DAO, announced that it recovered 38 Bored Ape and 18 Mutant Ape NFTs following negotiations with a hacker. The NFTs were stolen from NFT Trader, and peer-to-peer marketplace, on Saturday alongside other high-value tokens.

SO WHAT Hack victims can now open a support ticket via Boring Security's Discord to initiate proceedings to recover their tokens. The NFTs were returned in exchange for a bounty equating to 10% of the stolen assets' floor price.

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Crypto Leaders Raise $78 Million to Support Pro-Innovation U.S. Politicians

TLDR Web3 industry leaders have pooled $78M to support pro-crypto politicians through the Fairshake Super Political Action Committee (PAC) ahead of the 2024 election.

SO WHAT Fairshake will support U.S. House and Senate candidates from any party who champion policies supporting web3 innovation. The news comes after Elizabeth Warren, a notorious crypto skeptic, drafted a bill seeking to impose stringent KYC requirement on users across the web3 sector, including non-custodial wallet users.

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