Web3 ATL Hackathon 2023: Unleashing the Power of Innovation with 404 DAO

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Web3 ATL Hackathon 2023: Unleashing the Power of Innovation with 404 DAO

Atlanta, GA, October 19th, 2023, Chainwire

Atlanta, often recognized for its diverse culture and developing tech community, is gearing up to host the inaugural Web3 ATL Hackathon 2023, where cutting-edge technologies and blockchain enthusiasts converge for a week of innovation, collaboration, and spirited competition.

This year, Web3ATL Hackathon, co-hosted by 404 DAO, HackQuest, Moonshot Commons, and Startup Exchange, promises to be even more dynamic, featuring challenges from industry leaders Arbitrum and Chainlink, along with exclusive tracks hosted by 404DAO and Revest Finance.

A Glimpse into Web3 ATL's Success and the Birth of 404 DAO

Building upon the triumph of Web3 ATL 2022, which attracted over 500 attendees and garnered support from 20 sponsors across the blockchain ecosystem, the stage is set for another groundbreaking event. The success of Web3 ATL served as the catalyst for the formation of 404 DAO, a dynamic force in the blockchain space.

After the resounding success of Web3 ATL, 404 DAO took the reins and conducted an accelerator in collaboration with Fusen World throughout the summer of 2023. The 404 accelerator facilitated the growth and development of early-stage projects, fostering innovation within the blockchain and decentralized technology space.

404 DAO has since grown into an active participant in on-chain governance, collaborating with major investors such as a16z. With approximately $10 million in voting power distributed across Optimism, dYdX, Arbitrum, and Uniswap, 404 DAO is at the forefront of shaping the future of decentralized technologies.

Web3 ATL Hackathon 2023: A Confluence of Innovation

The Web3 ATL Hackathon 2023 is an open invitation to developers, tech enthusiasts, and blockchain visionaries from across the globe. With diverse tracks, cutting-edge challenges, and an opportunity to network with industry leaders, the event is a celebration of innovation in the decentralized technology space.

Tracks and Highlights:

  1. Arbitrum's Stylus Development Environment: Developers get ready! Arbitrum is set to challenge participants with problems solved using their innovative Stylus development environment, allowing for development in Rust, C++, and C.
  2. Chainlink's CCIP Track: Chainlink takes center stage with a track covering CCIP, their groundbreaking Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol. Participants will delve into cross-chain solutions and showcase their prowess in creating seamless connections between different blockchain networks.
  3. 404 DAO's Solidity Sprint: The Solidity Sprint, hosted by 404 DAO, promises a competitive hackathon experience with a live leaderboard. Developers will test their skills in creating robust smart contracts and decentralized applications using Solidity.
  4. Revest Finance's Financial NFTs and DeFi Track: Revest Finance introduces a track focused on Financial NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi). Participants will explore the intersection of traditional finance and the blockchain world, creating innovative solutions for the future of finance.

Join the Innovation Hub

Those who are interested can mark their calendars and sign up today for the Web3 ATL Hackathon, where the future of blockchain is not just imagined but built collaboratively. Users can stay tuned for updates and announcements by following Web3 ATL and 404 DAO on social media.

About 404 DAO

404 DAO is a 501c3 non-profit driven by a mission to foster innovation and growth in decentralized technologies. From hosting competitive hackathons to leading on-chain governance initiatives, 404 DAO is shaping the future of blockchain development and collaboration.

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About Web3 ATL

Web3 ATL is an annual conference that brings together blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders to explore and push the boundaries of decentralized technologies. With a history of successful events, Web3 ATL serves as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and the advancement of blockchain solutions.


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