HackQuest Launches Solana Learning Track for Aspiring Web3 Developers, supported by Solana Foundation MCM

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HackQuest Launches Solana Learning Track for Aspiring Web3 Developers, supported by Solana Foundation MCM

Atlanta, GA, March 26th, 2024, HackQuest

HackQuest, an all-in-one Web3 developer education platform, partnered with Solana Foundation MCM and launched the Solana Learning Track.

Dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap in the fast-evolving Web3 space, Solana Learning Track is structured around Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, which feature concise, engaging modules and culminate in practical quests for learners at every level. This partnership between HackQuest and Solana Foundation MCM represents a stride towards enhancing Web3 developer education and building a supportive community for both novice enthusiasts and experienced Web2 developers keen on exploring the Solana ecosystem.

Solana Learning Track: A Journey from Zero to Hero for Aspiring Solana Developers

The Solana Learning Track provides a comprehensive, beginner-friendly learning experience that embodies the 'zero to hero' concept across five distinct courses. Enriched with interactive quizzes, it engages learners from the outset in Solana's foundational principles. The curriculum also covers the syntax of Rust and introduces the Anchor framework, while including hands-on experience through guided projects, where learners have the opportunity to apply their skills by building applications such as a Bulls and Cows game in Rust, a counter, an NFT on Solana, and more.

Incorporated with Universal Design for Learning principles, Solana Learning Track offers succinct, five-minute modules culminating in engaging quests for learners of all skill levels. Users earn a proof of completion certificate co-issued by HackQuest and Solana Foundation MCM in the form of an on-chain Soul-bound Token (SBT), which can be minted following the completion of Solana Learning Track and deployment of projects to Solana Mainnet.

In addition to technical skills, participants unlock a rich offering of post-learning supports, including hackathons, co-learning camps, boot camps, meet-ups, closed-door workshops, and blogs, aimed at making the journey to Web3 fun and interactive. Through these initiatives, HackQuest and Solana Foundation MCM have actively formed a community that connects participants with the vibrant Web3 developer network and supports them in building lasting relationships within the ecosystem.

The platform also features a personal dashboard for tracking individual progress and goals, alongside a mission center that gamifies the Solana learning process through daily quests and milestones. Users can also create a comprehensive Web3 passport on their User Profile, linking GitHub, Wallet, and social media, while the built-in IDE streamlines project deployment directly to the Solana mainnet or testnet, bypassing traditional setup hurdles faced by developers in Web3. (Read more about Solana Learning Track's step-by-step guide here)

Collaborative Triumphs: HackQuest and Solana Foundation MCM Connected Education and Community

HackQuest and Solana's commitment to nurturing talent through the Learning Track has led to technical advancement and community engagement.

The commitment is evident throughout the past success of collaborations between HackQuest and Solana, highlighted by events such as the Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon, Hangzhou Hacker House, and developer meet-ups in Hangzhou and Chengdu, which showcased their enduring pledge to propel the Web3 ecosystem's evolution.

Highlighting the past collaborations between HackQuest and Solana Foundation / Solana Foundation MCM:

  • Solana Chengdu Developer Meetup: Over 70 developers gathered to explore Web3 and Solana's tech advancements in a historic Qing dynasty venue.
  • Solana Hangzhou Hacker House: A week-long blend of coding, collaboration, and relaxation by West Lake, with a spotlight on Solana’s core value of community and innovation.
  • The Solana Hyperdrive Hackathon: HackQuest alums placed the top three victories in Solana's Hyperdrive Hackathon across the MCM region.
  • Solana Hangzhou Developer Meet-up: Solana and HackQuest's Meet-up in Hangzhou merged coding, learning, and networking, which generated 10 innovative projects in just one week.

Shaping Web3 Education: Solana Learning Track Debuts with Upcoming Educational Events and Networking Opportunities

On February 5, 2024, HackQuest and Solana Foundation MCM officially launched the Solana Learning Track. Join the Solana Learning Track and be among the first to become Certified Solana Developers.

A series of engaging events complement the Solana Learning Track launch:

  • AMA Sessions: The community can connect directly with the minds behind Solana Learning Track through co-hosted Twitter spaces and AMA sessions. Follow Solana MCM, Solana Foundation, and HackQuest on Twitter to stay updated.
  • Co-learning Camps: The co-learning camps will span across March and April, providing an opportunity for users to learn and build together. Top finishers will also have the opportunity to win raffle rewards, Solana and HackQuest swags, and more.
  • Solana Foundation MCM Founder’s Bootcamp: Solana Foundation MCM Founder’s Bootcamp is an intensive two-week program alongside an IRL meetup tailored for Mandarin and Cantonese market projects and founders. The boot camp aimed at equipping them to build on Solana and participate in the Solana Global Hackathon, with a select group of 20 founders getting the unique opportunity to engage with the Solana Foundation MCM and leading project founders within the ecosystem.
  • Hacker House: HackQuest will organize an in-person Hacker House along with the Solana Foundation as a part of the Solana Global hackathons.

The Solana Learning Track represents a collaborative effort by HackQuest and Solana Foundation MCM to deliver a rich educational experience, forging a path into a bustling community of Web3 developers and enabling learners to grasp and apply techniques to build on Solana. This initiative also opens doors to a broad spectrum of community events, preparing the developers to stand out and thrive both during their learning journey and in their following endeavors.

Start your Web3 programming adventure and unlock these opportunities by signing up today.

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