ETHChicago Sets the Stage for Chicago's Rise as a Global Blockchain Powerhouse

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ETHChicago Sets the Stage for Chicago's Rise as a Global Blockchain Powerhouse

Chicago, IL, September 14th, 2023, Chainwire

ETHChicago, the Midwest's premier cryptocurrency and blockchain event, is poised to set a new standard for the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology in the real world. Drawing on the rich history of Chicago as a financial and technological hub, ETHChicago is more than just another blockchain event; it's a movement. A testament to the ever-evolving spirit of Chicago, the conference is a nexus of tech expertise, financial prowess, and a dedicated volunteer community.

In the past years, cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Miami, and even Wyoming have emerged as key players in the crypto landscape. However, Chicago has always been a city of innovation, bridging the gap between the East Coast's financial epicenter and the West Coast's technological magnetism. And now, Chicago is set to carve out its space in the global blockchain conversation, starting with the inaugural ETHChicago event from September 15th to 17th.

Conceived only last year, ETHChicago rapidly evolved into a monumental community-led occasion. Bolstered by a core team of change-makers, the conference boasts contributions from over a hundred volunteers, bringing together talented individuals from diverse backgrounds across the Chicagoland area.

"The unique positioning of ETHChicago lies in its vision to step beyond the crypto echo chamber. We want to address how everyday businesses, whether it's a family-run pizzeria or a multinational corporation like Boeing, can harness the power of blockchain," said Pat Kras, one of the prominent voices behind the conference.

The event's three-day, two-pronged approach is both innovative and inclusive:

1. The Hackathon: is set to be a melting pot of developers, technologists, designers, and creators. With an aim to focus on tangible real-world applications, it encourages participants to explore questions like how blockchain can revamp toll systems, enhance fan engagement in sports, or even make summer boat rentals more efficient.

2. The Conference: will be a hub for learning and networking. With panels, workshops, and keynotes from diverse backgrounds, it aims to shed light on the myriad ways blockchain can be integrated into everyday life, from development and policy to real-world applications. Get tickets here:

And while the impressive skyscraper views from the 66th floor of the iconic Willis Tower provide the backdrop, it’s the ideas and collaborations within that will truly leave a mark.

ETHChicago is brought with the generous support of its partners and sponsors: Arbitrum, Buidlguidl, Chainvision, GE chamber, GlobalDCA, Hopscotch, Icebreaker, ChicagoDAO, GlobalDCA, Hopscotch, Icebreaker, ChicagoDAO, Ledgible, Mantle, UMichigan Blockchain, RTL, Holaplex, Runtime Verification, Vennity, ETH Support Program, WBC, Taikai, CMT Digital, Formidium, ERCx, C4, imnotART, Alexandria, HackQuest, API3, Travel Swap, Craft the Future, Tasty Crypto, Lil Nouns, Crypto Recruiters, Wormhole, DevRel Uni, Coherence, Allen Vandever, Franken DAO, Amber Data, Block Adopt, Hero Trainer, Cambell Teague, and Node40. Their contributions play an instrumental role in bringing ETHChicago’s vision to reality.

ETHChicago invites a broad spectrum of attendees — whether you're an individual enthusiast, a business maverick, or someone just dipping their toes into the world of crypto. From understanding how blockchain can bolster local governments' coordination efforts to the vast potential in healthcare research with giants like Abbvie and Abbot, ETHChicago promises to be an enlightening experience.

"Chicago's spirit has always been about innovation, resilience, and community. Through ETHChicago, we're channeling that spirit into the realm of blockchain, pushing boundaries and forging new paths," adds Pat Kras.

ETHChicago is not just an event; it’s a statement - a declaration that Chicago is ready to play a pivotal role in the blockchain revolution. Mark the dates, September 15th to 17th, as Chicago welcomes the world to witness the future of blockchain, right in the heart of the Midwest.

About ETHChicago

ETHChicago is the leading crypto and blockchain event in the Midwest, dedicated to real-world applications of blockchain technology. Founded by a team of dedicated professionals and supported by a community of over a hundred volunteers, ETHChicago stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation in the region.


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