Arbitrum and HackQuest Launch Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track for Aspiring Web3 Developers

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Arbitrum and HackQuest Launch Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track for Aspiring Web3 Developers

Atlanta, GA, April 30th, 2024, HackQuest

Arbitrum partnered with HackQuest, an all-in-one Web3 developer education platform, and launched the Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track.

Empowering the Next Wave of Web3 Developers with Stylus

Arbitrum Stylus is an upgrade to Arbitrum Nitro, the tech stack powering Arbitrum One, Nova, and Orbit chains. With Stylus, the user can write smart contracts in Rust, C and C++, leverage the efficiencies without losing EVM compatibility.

The Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track, accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, guides aspiring developers from initial curiosity to proficiency within the Arbitrum ecosystem. This curriculum is structured to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, from those interested in decentralized finance (DeFi) to those aiming to improve their Rust programming skills. A key feature of this educational pathway is the integration of the Stylus Rust SDK, facilitating a transition from Web2 to Web3 programming.

As of 2024, Statista reports a global population of 28.7 million Web2 developers. In stark contrast, Electric Capital’s 2023 Crypto Developer Report reveals only 22,411 monthly active open-source contributors in the crypto space, with 6,889 of those dedicating themselves full-time to Web3 development as of December 2023. This stark discrepancy, with Web3 monthly active contributors and full-time developers being outnumbered by factors of 1280x and 4166x respectively compared to the Web2 developer population, signals a critical need for more developers to transition into the Web3 domain. Meanwhile, SlashData’s 23rd State of the Developer Nation Report has observed that the Rust developer community consists of 2.8 million individuals worldwide in 2023, roughly 10% of all Web2 developers. This smaller gap suggests that Rust developers may more easily transition to Web3 development by leveraging their existing skills, without the need to master a completely new programming language.

The Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track hence provides a systematic educational approach to encourage both Web2 and Web3 developers of all levels to code in Rust, deploy on Arbitrum, and set their steps into Web3 infrastructure through a one-stop learning experience.

The curriculum of the Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track delivers the users an exploration of the Arbitrum ecosystem and its development tools. The first course, "Intro to the Arbitrum Ecosystem," targets developers interested in Layer2 solutions and the Arbitrum architecture. It includes overviews of the Arbitrum mainnet, testnets, and the architectures of Arbitrum One, Nitro, Nova, Orbit, and Stylus. This foundation prepares learners to familiarize themselves with the core concepts and technical infrastructure of Arbitrum, ensuring a solid grasp of the ecosystem.

Upon completing the course "Intro to the Arbitrum Ecosystem", the learning track advances toward mastering the Stylus Rust SDK. Practical tutorials, which involve using the Stylus CLI for scripting and debugging, form a core component of the learning experience.

Engaging in hands-on projects, learners will launch fungible tokens through Arbitrum Stylus, implement NFTs (ERC721), and explore how to use the Rust language and the OpenZeppelin ERC4626 standard to create DeFi (Decentralized Finance) smart vaults. This approach ensures participants not only understand theoretical concepts but also apply them in real-world scenarios within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track: From Fundamentals to Advanced Applications

Structured around Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, the Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track is modulized with culminated practical quests for learners at every level. Successful participants will earn a certificate co-issued by HackQuest and Arbitrum, represented as an on-chain Soul-bound Token (SBT), mintable upon completion of the course and the deployment of projects to the Arbitrum Mainnet.

The platform also features a personal dashboard for tracking progress and goals, alongside a mission center that gamifies the learning process with daily quests and milestones. Learners can further enhance their Web3 presence by creating a Web3 passport in their user profile and linking their GitHub, wallet, and social media accounts, while the integrated IDE facilitates direct project deployment to the Arbitrum mainnet or testnet.

In addition to acquiring technical skills, participants will access a wealth of post-learning support, including hackathons, co-learning camps, boot camps, meet-ups, and closed-door workshops. These opportunities are designed to make the transition to Web3 not just educational but also engaging and fun, fostering a community that connects participants with the wider Web3 developer network and supports their continuous growth and development.

Through the Arbitrum Stylus Learning Track, HackQuest and Arbitrum aim to nurture a vibrant community of Web3 developers, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to innovate and thrive in the Arbitrum ecosystem. This initiative paves the way for developers to explore the dynamic world of DeFi and blockchain technology, setting a solid foundation for their future endeavors in the ever-growing Web3 domain.

Users can set the stage for their Web3 development journey by signing up here.

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