Does SBF Have A Get Out Of Jail Free Card?

Get out of Jail Free

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SBF funneled $10bn of user funds from his centralized crypto exchange FTX to the trading arm of his empire, Alameda. There, the top brass made risky bets and caused a widespread meltdown. SBF HAS since been replaced by an interim CEO – John Ray who was also sent in to clean up the ENRON mess – and in his first filing he said FTX’s case is the worst he’s seen in his career – a BIGGER MESS than enron.

This week, we’ve seen a whirlwind of opinions and speculations about whether or not Sam Bankman Fried’s gonna do any time behind bars.

There’s even a new cryptocurrency called Jail SBF, or the $JSBF token who’s creators claim their ‘’Mission Is To Educate and create awareness in crypto’’….

So is he going to jail or not?