Turnout for Burnout: Limited Edition Generative Art Mint to Uplift Frontline Health Workers


This giving season, Web3 unites with health workers to create wellness through collective action.

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Turnout for Burnout: Limited Edition Generative Art Mint to Uplift Frontline Health Workers [Sponsored]

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, stories of extreme burnout amongst healthcare workers have surged. Widespread labor shortages, brutal hours, and elevated risks are now the norm, making their jobs practically impossible. After all they’ve given us, it’s time to lift them up.

Web3’s community foundation, Endaoment, has joined forces with generative art pioneer Art Blocks for an NFT charity fundraiser benefiting Sostento, a leading public health nonprofit. Dubbed “Turnout for Burnout,” the event is dedicated to finding solutions for these stressors, and combatting their resulting symptoms in local healthcare worker populations.

The Colors That Heal

“Having someone that will say “I see you, let me go with you” is a simple gesture that is profoundly encouraging.” – Ryan Green, Art Blocks artist

The Turnout for Burnout campaign began November 15th with the release of “The Colors that Heal”, a 250 limited-run generative NFT art drop by artist Ryan Green. The collection is informed by Green’s own experience with burnout, and was inspired by the tireless work of healthcare professionals.

The Colors That Heal

This first-of-its-kind auction leverages technology from industry-leading generative art platform Art Blocks’s engine and Endaoment’s new V2 protocol to programmatically route 50% of all proceeds to Sostento as charitable gifts.

Aid for those who need it most

“Burnout takes the joy out of a good day. Burnout tells us our hard work is not enough. This campaign unites web3 and health workers to do something significant about it.” – Joe Agoada, Sostento CEO

Sostento’s initiatives bring tools, services, and resources to front line workers, particularly those in low-income communities which often have the most dire healthcare needs and demands.

Funds donated from this campaign will go towards items directly requested by healthcare workers to alleviate burnout and related burdens. Examples include but aren’t limited to free Uber rides for patients & health workers, volunteer helplines to deal with heavy call volumes, and direct funding for charitable health worker staff.

Join the battle against burnout

“Art and philanthropy have always had deep ties, and NFTs are quickly emerging as the next iteration of art as a fundraising tool for charities. The web3 community has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to social impact, and this fundraiser is no exception.” – Robbie Heeger, Endaoment CEO

Want to get involved? We encourage you to show your solidarity and help raise awareness of this important cause by sharing your burnout stories on social media with #TurnoutForBurnout.

You can also donate any cryptocurrency or NFT via Endaoment directly to Sostento. For more info, please visit

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