Polymarket Traders Expect Major Airdrops to Launch Before June 30

Blast, Parcl, Swell Network, Tensor, and Ethena currently have more than 90% odds of dropping a token in Q2, according to the prediction market.

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According to Polymarket, traders are betting that four projects will deliver airdrops to their users before June 30. These include Parcl, Swell Network, Tensor, and Ethena, all with more than 90% odds.

Layer 2 network Blast showcases the top odds, with 97% of traders betting it will airdrop tokens to its users before the end of June, but the bet is still under review.

Solana-based Parcl, a decentralized exchange that allows traders to bet on rising or falling real estate prices, comes in at 96%. Parcl’s token launch and subsequent airdrop will take place in April, with an estimated 7-8% of tokens available for early adopters.

Polymarket traders give Swell, an Ethereum-based restaking protocol, 93% odds. The airdrop is dubbed Voyage and will allocate 7% of Swell's total supply. The token launch is expected in mid-April.

Tensor is next with 92%. The Solana NFT platform will determine the number of airdropped tokens to users depending on how many points they have accumulated during Season 3, which is already underway.

Synthetic stablecoin startup Ethena rounds out the top contenders with 92%. To receive Ethena tokens, users need to hold USDe in their wallet, generating the Shards that will ultimately determine their allocations. Ethena’s airdrop campaign is open until May 2024.

Other notable odds on projects that will purportedly airdrop tokens to their users include perpetual decentralized exchange Drift, with 82%, interoperable blockchain messaging protocol LayerZero, with 74%, and restaking protocol Eigenlayer, with 68%.