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The Defiant

DeFi Alpha

DeFi Alpha is a weekly newsletter published for our premium subscribers contributed by Defiant Advisor and DeFi investor at 4RC, DeFi Dad, and our Degen in Chief yyctrader.


It aims to educate traders, investors, and newcomers about investment opportunities in decentralized finance, as well as provide primers and guides about its emerging platforms. It is meant to be highly actionable and shareable.

Any information covered in DeFi Alpha should not form the basis for making investment decisions nor be construed as a recommendation or advice to engage in investment transactions. Any mention of a token or protocol should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement.

Yield Alpha

Each week we will provide options to earn yield on ETH, WBTC, stablecoins, and other major tokens.

  • ETH: Up to 19% APY with cbETH-ETH LP on Alienbase, via a Beefy Vault
    • This yield is accrued in trading fees and ALB rewards, which are used to acquire more of underlying LP tokens in the Beefy vault.
    • To participate, one must deposit the LP token or zap in with ETH, cbETH, or WETH here on Beefy.
  • Stablecoins: Up to 40% APY in a DAI+-USD+ SwapBased LP on Based L2
    • This yield is all auto-compounded for more of the SwapBased LP tokens.
    • To participate, one must deposit into the vault here on Beefy Finance with either the LP tokens or either DAI+ or USD+.
  • WBTC: Up to 6.35% APY as a Curve/Convex LP in tBTC/wBTC/sBTC vault on Beefy
    • This yield is accrued in trading fees, CVX, and CRV which are used to acquire more of underlying LP tokens in the Beefy vault.
    • To participate, one must deposit into the Curve LP here and then stake the LP token here on Beefy.
  • ARB: Up to 9.5% net APR looping ARB 1.66X on Radiant Capital on Arbitrum
    • This yield is accrued in ARB borrowing interest and mostly RDNT rewards.
    • To participate, it requires a leveraged ARB/ARB position with 5% of the value of the looped position in the 80/20 RDNT/ETH Balancer LP.
    • The RDNT LP must be staked for 12 months to achieve 9.5%.
    • One must deposit ARB into Radiant here and loop 1.66X here + zap into an LP staked for 1-12 months.
    • Caution: This is a leveraged ARB position that could get liquidated.
  • OP: 13% APY lending OP on Extra Finance on Optimism
    • The yield is ~50% lending interest in OP and ~50% EXTRA rewards.
    • One must lend OP here on Extra Finance to leveraged Velodrome LPs.
  • MATIC: 4.83% APY with MaticX liquid staking token by Stader
    • The yield is backed by validator rewards on Polygon.
    • To participate on Polygon, one must deposit MATIC here.
  • ATOM: 20% APR staking ATOM with on Stride
    • The yield earned is issued in ATOM.
    • To participate, one must deposit/stake ATOM here in the Stride dApp.
  • BNB: 12.7% APY with the BNB/BNBx LP on Ellipsis Finance
    • This yield is issued in BNBx staking yield and LP trading fees.
    • On BSC, one can deposit BNB for BNBx here on Stader.
    • Then, one can deposit BNB and/or BNBx here on Ellipsis and then stake the LP.
  • AVAX: 6.8% APY with ankrAVAX liquid staking
    • The yield is backed by validator rewards using ankrAVAX by Ankr.
    • To participate on Avalanche, one can follow the prompts to deposit AVAX here.
  • SOL: 7% APY staking SOL with stSOL by Lido
    • This is backed by SOL staking yield.
    • To participate, one must deposit SOL here or buy it on a Solana DEX.

Please be aware we do not always report the highest yields because some high yields may be less sustainable due to high inflation token rewards or fewer LPs participating.


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Steer Protocol is a game-changing platform that unlocks unprecedented yield opportunities for liquidity providers through its Smart Pools. Smart Pools, provide passive yield through dynamic automation of LP management on over 5 AMMs, such as Uniswap and SushiSwap V3 with support across 10 different blockchains networks.

The core objective of Steer Protocol is to equip LPs with an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform driven by sophisticated algorithms for both the novice and the trader. Regardless of prevailing market conditions, Steer Protocol empowers users to maximize their liquidity to the fullest extent by their Liquidity Engine which provides the most flexible LP solution on the market.

Alpha: Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism pools are seeing over 100% APRs for select pairs!

Since its launch just a month ago, Steer Protocol has garnered tremendous appreciation from LPs due to its Smart Pools and industry-leading APRs. Recently supported by Angle’s Merkl Protocol, this integration not only offers substantial fees but also enhances rewards for LPs, creating an even more attractive venue for LPs. Any LP reward programs on Merkl will now be accrued to Steer Protocol LPs!

Embark on your journey with Steer Protocol today and seize the opportunity to become an LP, earning not only high fees but also boosted rewards. Discover a world of unrivaled possibilities and maximize your yield potential with Steer Protocol.

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