Layer 2s for People in a Hurry

100 Web3 Projects Part 1

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Perhaps you’ve heard: a new season is upon us. But I’m not talking about the transition from winter to spring, bugs buzzing, flowers blooming. No, I’m talking about L2 season. Layer 2s. Rollups.

Ethereum has a roadmap, and to take this metaphor a bit further, we’ve just crested a hill, and that road now stretches before us, all the way to the horizon. Rollups are supposed to take Ethereum to the next level. You see, the original home of DeFi might be decentralized, but it’s slow and expensive. Rollups are the solution, and this spring, we’re seeing several new entrants sprout and a pair of stalwarts bloom. So today, we’re going to give you a run down of the top 10 Ethereum rollups to help you navigate the ecosystem.