Celebrate WX Network’s official rebrand with their largest WX token giveaway of the year!


WX Network is kicking off their official rebrand with a massive WX token giveaway event!

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WX.Network is here. More than a decentralized exchange – it’s a whole new way to manage your crypto. In just 2 clicks, you can start your own cryptocurrency right from the platform user interface. No coding skills needed.

Here are all the new features of WX.Network**:**

  • Launch your own token in 2 clicks
  • Get your token verified and listed in a liquidity pool with USDN
  • Promote your token listing to gWX holders to have your pool earn WX rewards and increase it’s APY
  • Use metamask with
  • For the first time ever on a DEX – single token liquidity provision is now active with APY up to 165%
  • 0% fees on OTC trades above $10k in value
  • A brand new referral program, you can earn trading fees by referring your friends

WX.Network wants to see the community use this functionality and create their own tokens. So we’re giving away 150,000 WX tokens to those users who start the best tokens, with real utility!

How it works:

  1. Go here:
  2. Fill in the form describing your token economics
  3. Click “Create Token:
  4. Your token is created and you’re entered into the lottery
  5. The campaign will run until December 1st
  6. Then WX.Network team will then judge all the new tokens based on the potential utility of what you create
  7. Prizes will be distributed as follows:
    • to the top 3 tokens to the WX.Network team decision: 40k WX for the top prize, 20k for second and 10k for third
    • 30k WX will be distributed among 30 best tokens from the voting list
    • 50k WX will go to the randomly chosen token holder who goes through verification process

How can you improve your chances of winning?

  • Be clear on the use case for your token, and why it should exist
  • Grow community support for your token and its utility (we’ll be watching the community channels in Telegram and Twitter)
  • Get votes for your token to be verified by the WX.Network community
  • Getting your token verified and listed on WX.Network
  • Create something of value that people would actually want to use (no sh*tcoins please)