🎊Weekly Recap: Crypto Celebrates the Bitcoin Halving

Happy weekend Defiers!

Bitcoin successfully went through its quadrennial halving, slashing the block reward for miners by 50% to 3.125 BTC. Transaction fees on the network soared as the Runes protocol went live, bringing a new fungible token standard to the world’s most valuable blockchain.

In other Bitcoin news, CoreDAO has been gaining significant traction with its Core Chain, which enables BTC holders to earn yield without wrapping their tokens on other blockchains.

It was a volatile week for crypto markets as tensions in the Middle East continued to whipsaw traders. Most digital assets ended the week deeply in the red.

On the regulatory front, new stablecoin legislation has been introduced in the U.S., but industry experts are divided over the bill.

The Ethereum ecosystem saw a flurry of developments, with EigenLayer removing deposit caps and Lido embracing Distributed Validator Technology. Layer 2 network Scroll has launched a points program, and Optimism is offering $22 million in grants to Superchain builders.

Don’t miss this week’s podcast with Li Jin, the co-founder and managing partner at Variant Fund, a venture firm that invests in Web3 and the ownership economy.



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