🕒Vitalik Says Clock Is Ticking For Ethereum To Reach Mainstream Users


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Vitalik Buterin said Ethereum must penetrate the mainstream within the next five years to prove it is ready for “real-world” use cases. Buterin pointed to stablecoins, social, and identity applications as key opportunities to drive adoption from new users.

In other news, Solana’s transaction fees are up by more than 10 times in two months, leading Layer 2s are preparing to deploy major upgrades, and Nim Network’s airdrop will distribute tokens to users from across the web3 gaming sector.

Plus, web3 industry advocates are readying to battle anti-crypto incumbents in Washington.

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  • Vitalik on driving mainstream adoption for Ethereum
  • Solana tx fees soar 1,000%
  • Layer 2s work towards fresh upgrades
  • Nim targets web3 gamers with airdrop
  • Crypto rises to forefront amid 2024 election



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Check out our video exploring Solana’s surging ecosystem. Also watch our podcast with Kevin Owocki, co-founder of Gitcoin, and Meg Lister, GM at Gitcoin Grants Labs, to learn about Gitcoin’s new roadmap.




NEAR is the chain abstraction stack, empowering builders to create apps that scale to billions of users and across all blockchains.

👥 Vitalik Says Ethereum Must Achieve Mainstream Adoption Within Five Years


Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s chief scientist and co-founder, said the network’s “real-world” viability will be put to the test over the next half-decade. Buterin identified stablecoins, social, and identity protocols as opportunities for Ethereum to achieve mainstream adoption.

⬆️ Daily Transaction Fees On Solana Spike 1,000% Since January

The recent surge in Solana’s on-chain activity has driven up transaction fees by an astounding 11 times in two months, alongside a sizable uptick in network revenue. Soaring volume on Solana’s decentralized exchanges is the major driver behind the trend, with the value of monthly trades up more than 3,200% compared to two months ago.

🚢 Top Ethereum L2s Ready To Ship Major Upgrades

Leading Layer 2 networks are preparing to deploy significant upgrades in the coming months, with Starknet unveiling a new roadmap for 2024, Optimism readying to introduce fault proofs, and Polygon set to support EIP-4844. In other L2 news, Espresso closed a $28 million Series B round as it prepares to launch a fifth testnet deployment.



SynFutures is seeing massive gains following its recent V3 launch. The trending DeFi project has attracted over 250,000 registrations, reaching $90 million in 24-hour trading volume just days after deploying on Blast mainnet.

The traction is attributed to SynFutures releasing an innovative new AMM model, oAMM, which combines a concentrated liquidity AMM with an onchain order book for higher capital efficiency. SynFutures also launched its new points program, Oyster Odyssey (OO), following confirmation of its plan to launch a token. In addition to earning points on OO, users can gain Blast and Blast Gold points for interacting with SynFutures V3, tripling the airdrop rewards potential and potentially drivingdrive increased speculation and growth.

Start trading on SynFutures V3.

READ MORE: SynFutures Launches Orderbook AMM and Points Program Ahead of Token Launch

🎮 AI Gaming Blockchain Nim Network Launches Airdrop

Nim Network, a Dymension-based RollApp targeting the AI gaming sector, unveiled plans for its upcoming airdrop. Nim will distribute its token to users engaging with popular GameFi and NFT projects, including Pudgy Penguins, Parallel, and Pirate Nation.

🏛️ Crypto Advocates Prepare to Battle Washington's Anti-Crypto Army

Crypto has emerged at the forefront of political discourse as the 2024 U.S. election looms, with representatives from both sides of politics publicly stating their position on the no longer nascent sector. Both web3 advocates and critics are fighting to advance their agendas, with lobbyists taking aim at anti-crypto incumbents.


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