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Memecoin mania has migrated onto Base, with the network’s memecoin sector surpassing a $1 billion market cap after its explosive growth over the past week. DEGEN is among the top gainers with seven-day growth of 340% as the project finds new utility within dapps building on Base.

In other news, the SEC is facing a lawsuit aiming to establish that airdropped tokens do not comprise securities, the governance tokens for real-world asset protocols are surging to new highs, and borrowing activity on Aave is climbing despite AAVE incentives drying up.

Plus, Badger Finance launched eBTC, a Bitcoin lending protocol offering 0% interest to users by leveraging Ethereum staking.

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  • Base’s memecoin market cap tags ten figures
  • DEGEN spikes 340% in one week
  • SEC cops lawsuit over airdrop regulation
  • Real-world asset protocols’ market cap surges
  • Aave users unperturbed by dwindling incentives
  • Badger launches 0% interest Bitcoin lending


📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$70,3694.54 %
Ethereum$3,610 4.50 %
Gold 1st Future$2,175 0.77 %
S&P 5005218.19 -0.31 %
Arch Web33.00 1.14 %
Learn more about Arch Indices ,[object Object]%


Check out our video exploring Solana’s surging ecosystem. Also watch our podcast with Erica Kang, the CEO and founder of KryptoSeoul, to learn about her work bridging the eastern and western blockchain industries.




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📈 Memecoin Frenzy Arrives On Base As Tokens' Market Cap Crosses $1 Billion


Memecoin traders have descended on Base, with the network’s meme token sector surpassing $1 billion. Tokens parodying public figures are among the best performing, with Briun Amrstrung, Jeo Boden, and Doland Tremp contributing to the sector’s meteoric gains.

🏎️ DEGEN Rallies On Increasing Adoption By Base Ecosystem Projects

DEGEN is among Base’s strongest-gaining tokens, up a ridiculous 340% over the past seven days. DEGEN’s latest gains have been propelled by the project emerging as a popular funding vehicle for fledgling projects, having raised and disbursed $1.5 million last month to incubate new ventures.

🧑‍⚖️ SEC Faces Lawsuit Seeking To Exempt Airdrops From Securities Classification

The DeFi Education Fund and a small apparel company-turned-airdrop issuer have joined forces to take legal action against the SEC. The complaint aims to secure a legal ruling protecting tokens issued via airdrop from securities classification alongside recognition that the SEC is violating the Administrative Procedure Act through its anti-crypto crusade of regulation by enforcement.



SynFutures is seeing massive gains following its recent V3 launch. The trending DeFi project has attracted over 250,000 registrations, reaching $90 million in 24-hour trading volume just days after deploying on Blast mainnet.

The traction is attributed to SynFutures releasing an innovative new AMM model, oAMM, which combines a concentrated liquidity AMM with an on-chain order book for higher capital efficiency. SynFutures also launched its new points program, Oyster Odyssey (OO), following confirmation of its plan to launch a token. In addition to earning points on OO, users can gain Blast and Blast Gold points for interacting with SynFutures V3, tripling the airdrop rewards potential and potentially drive increased speculation and growth.

Start trading on SynFutures V3.

READ MORE: SynFutures Launches Orderbook AMM and Points Program Ahead of Token Launch

⬆️ RWA Tokens Rally 81% In One Week As Institutions Dive Deeper Into On-Chain Finance

The governance tokens of real-world assets have gained 81% over the past week, positioning the sector as the second-best performing category on CoinGecko. Six of the top 15 RWA tokens are enjoying triple-digit weekly gains, with the bullish momentum coinciding with legacy institutions exploring new use cases for tokenized assets.

💵 Aave Closes In On Zero Token Incentives While Borrowing Surges

Loan activity on Aave is sky-high despite the leading money market protocol preparing to entirely do away with incentives for users. Aave’s strong user activity proves that DeFi protocols can achieve meaningful adoption without relying on inflationary reward mechanisms for perpetuity.

🦡 Badger Launches 0% Interest Bitcoin Lending Protocol eBTC

Badger Finance shipped eBTC, a Bitcoin loan protocol leveraging Ethereum staking to offer 0% interest to borrowers. Badger generates revenue in the form of 50% of Ether staking rewards derived from staking ETH collateral via Lido, with borrowers receiving the remaining yield.


  • BlackRock’s tokenized fund 'brings legitimacy' to public blockchains like Ethereum, Bernstein says (The Block)
  • Tether enters AI race with pledge to build open-source LMMs to combat Big Tech (CryptoSlate)
  • Portugal orders Sam Altman's Worldcoin to halt data collection (Reuters)


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