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ETH is on the move after VanEck, a top investment manager, announced plans to launch an exchange-traded fund investing in Ether futures contracts. Investors pushed the price of ETH up 3.5% over the past 24 hours in response to the news.

Ledn, a centralized crypto lender, launched a new product offering investors access to Ether staking yields. The product is separated from the firm's lending activities, meaning stakers would be protected in the event of a Ledn bankruptcy.

Plus, a16z, the heavyweight crypto investor, is betting on IYK, a firm producing Near Field Communication (NFC) chips for physical items. The NFC chips allow connectivity between smartphones and the items, enabling new digital experiences.

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  • Ether futures ETF incoming from VanEck
  • Ledn launches ETH staking yields
  • IYK closes $16.8M round led by a16z


📈 Markets in last 24 hrs:

BTC$26,350 0.55%
ETH$1,597 0.31%
S&P 500$4,300 0.59%
GOLD$1,860 -0.6%
Arch WEB30.76pts +2.14%
FINANCE0.77pts 0.48%
INFRA0.76pts 3.17%
CONSUMER0.81pts 0.55%
Arch WEB3

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VanEck To Launch Ether Futures ETF

TLDR VanEck, the $80B asset manager, will soon launch an ETF investing in Ether futures. ETH rallied 3.5% following the news, ranking as the third-best-performing top 30 digital asset over the past day.

SO WHAT Anticipation for the debut of a Bitcoin futures ETF propelled the markets to their peak in 2021. However, some analysts are skeptical of ETFs backed by futures contracts, which invest in derivatives and thus do not drive scarcity for the underlying asset tracked.

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Ledn Launches Support For ETH Staking Yields

TLDR Ledn, a centralized crypto lender, now offers exposure to ETH staking yields for its users. Withdrawals and deposits are not subject to delays, with the platform offering APYs of up to 2%.

SO WHAT CeFi players are competing to offer a streamlined onboarding process for prospective stakers. However, centralized platforms face stiff competition from the booming sector of liquid staking tokens.

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a16z Bets On ‘Phygital’ Sector With IYK

TLDR IYK, an NFC chip manufacturer seeking to facilitate digital experiences via physical objects, closed a $16.8M funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Users can scan NFC chips via smartphone to access content, including information on a product's provenance and production.

SO WHAT A16z was extremely active this past month, investing $103.4M into five deals since the start of September. The investment firm described IYK as driving consumer engagement across both physical and digital spheres.

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