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Ether led a broader digital asset market retracement after traders used the launch of seven ETH futures ETFs as an opportunity to sell-on-the-news. ETH gave up half its gains from the past week amid the sell-off, with Ether last changing hands for $1,655.

A Manifold Trading employee was outed as the insider behind a bot-based trading spree on Friend Tech that netted them $33,000 in fast profits. "The game will continue to evolve, and we will continue to invest and participate," Manifold said with little remorse.

And Bubblegum, the Solana-based NFT compression tool, is enjoying a surge in popularity. Users are now minting 3M NFTs via the tool each week, with both asset collectors and issuers leveraging Bubblegum to save fees.

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  • Crypto markets retrace after Ether futures ETFs launch
  • Manifold Trading employee behind Friend Tech insider trading
  • Compressed NFT blow up on Solana


📈 Markets in last 24 hrs:

BTC$27,968 3.7%
ETH$1,734 3.76%
S&P 500$4,288 0.01%
GOLD$1,830 -0.98%
Arch WEB30.80pts +0.21%
FINANCE0.82pts 0.44%
INFRA0.79pts -0.54%
CONSUMER0.87pts 1.55%
Arch WEB3

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Watch our video looking at the rise of Friend Tech and social trading apps. And check out our podcast with Blockchain Capital partner, Spencer Bogart, who walks us through the firm's new funds, plus its investment thesis for the controversial Worldcoin cryptocurrency.


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MetaMask Snaps are new features and functionality, created by third-party developers, that MetaMask users worldwide can install directly to customize their wallet. With MetaMask Snaps, every wallet becomes a unique reflection of its owner's aspirations and preferences.


ETH Retraces After Futures ETF Launches Fall Flat

TLDR ETH gave back half of its weekly gains after the highly anticipated launch of seven Ether futures ETFs on Oct. 2. ETH is down 5.5% from its local high, with the debuting ETH ETFs processing just $1.7M worth of trades on their first day.

SO WHAT Eric Balchunas, a senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, described the debuting Ether futures funds' volume as "normal" for a new ETF. However, the launch of ProShares Bitcoin ETF in October hosted $200M worth of trades executed in just 15 minutes, showing the crypto markets have calmed significantly from their frothy 2021 peak.

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Manifold Trading Admits Friend Tech Key Launch Was Inside Job

TLDR An insider at Manifold Trading was outed as the mastermind behind key trades on Friend Tech that netted 20 ETH in profits. The employee was outed after blockchain sleuths identified early accumulation of Friend Tech keys for the NFT influencer, Natealex.

SO WHAT Manifold confirmed it was behind some of the trades in question but was merely playing "the game." The incident serves as a potent remind that illiquid digital assets may be susceptible to cunning manipulation from savvy traders.

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Millions Of Compressed NFTs Are Being Minted Weekly On Solana

TLDR Solana users are now compressing millions of NFTs each week using the popular tool, Bubblegum. Bubblegum utilizes a Merkle Tree data structure to reduce the cost associated with minting NFTs.

SO WHAT With Solana already offering low fees and high throughput, compressed NFTs may give it a competitive edge over other networks seeking to foster strong NFT communities. One user estimated that Bubblegum's NFT compression can reduce the expenses incurred from issuing a collection of 29,000 NFTs by nearly 99%.

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Making the Wallet Personal

Imagine if anyone in the world could build the next best feature for MetaMask, and everyone could have access to it. In this paradigm shift, you could snap together features for your wallet that best fit your needs.

Do you want support for more blockchains? Transaction simulations? Notifications about your onchain activity? Click, click, done. Much like how you can customize your phone with apps that fit your lifestyle, the wallet of the future should be able to accommodate everything you want to do in web3.

I don’t think I am alone when I say that what drew me to the Ethereum ecosystem was the idea of permissionless innovation. The promise of a decentralized blockchain where anyone could program and deploy a smart contract application intrigued me from the very beginning. This was a new opportunity to explore innovation without limits, where someone could have an idea, get it out to the world, and not be held back by gatekeepers.

Much like the original iteration of the public Internet, where anyone could build and deploy a website, the web3 paradigm shift gave rise to the Internet of value and invited anyone to contribute. Since then, an entire ecosystem has coalesced around this new frontier.

The builders of today are pioneers, exploring new ways of innovating on a new kind of infrastructure. The wallet, like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet, is one of many applications that make up the “app layer” on top of the “infrastructure layer” that is public blockchains. The wallet is also arguably the most important application in this domain. It is a common interface by which you access the Internet of value.

Everything you do in web3 involves the wallet in some way. My wallet is my “digital companion” that allows me to manage my accounts and assets, connect to blockchains and decentralized applications, interact with others, and even build my own applications. It is because of this that I believe the wallet is the most important design space for improving web3 for everyone.

So how do we make the wallet better? At MetaMask and across the industry, developers and software teams are exploring multiple avenues for improvement. However, there is only so much that in-house software developers can accomplish by themselves. What if, instead, the industry could invite others to expand the functionality of wallets with us? How would the pace of innovation change if we could do that?

These are the questions that inspired the vision of Permissionless Innovation. Much like Ethereum itself, I believe that the wallet can become a vehicle for innovation without limits, where developers can deliver their own solutions and users can benefit from an entire ecosystem of innovation where it matters most. At MetaMask, we recently announced our first step in making this vision a reality: the public launch of MetaMask Snaps.

MetaMask Snaps is a platform, where third-party developers can build new features for MetaMask, in a way that is secure, decentralized, and keeps both the user and the developer in control. Snaps are like “add-ons” or “mods” for MetaMask. A Snap can add support for blockchain protocols beyond Ethereum, display insights about your transactions before you confirm, or display web3 notifications directly in MetaMask. Each Snap adds a new feature to the wallet, and you can choose which Snaps you want to install to personalize MetaMask for your needs.

All of this is possible because MetaMask Snaps is an open platform for developers. MetaMask has worked with third parties in the past to add new features, such as our hardware wallet integrations, ENS support, and curated providers for swapping, bridging, and staking, but with Snaps, we have enabled developers to integrate new features in a way that is much easier. This is because developers can now add functionality to MetaMask without having to merge their code with the MetaMask extension and without having to rely on our involvement. As time goes on, we will add new ways for Snaps to customize the wallet experience, enabling even more features that we haven’t even thought of yet.

Opening the door for developers to build upon a platform is one thing, but delivering those innovations to users is another thing entirely. MetaMask Snaps is both a developer platform and the vehicle by which their products are made available to users. The MetaMask Snaps Open Beta is the first iteration of enabling users to access the first wave of Snaps built on the platform.

Today we have 36 Snaps that anyone can install and start using to make their web3 experience better. These Snaps include support for Bitcoin, Solana, Cosmos, and a variety of other blockchains beyond Ethereum, various web3 communication protocols, security solutions including transaction simulation, malicious address tracking, decentralized identity providers, privacy-enabling services, and even sponsored transactions made possible with account abstraction.

While this is only the first wave of the MetaMask Snaps platform, and things are still a little rough around the edges, we decided to release this open beta in order to give everyone an opportunity to try Snaps and give us feedback that will shape the future of the platform. MetaMask Snaps is all about making the wallet better for you, and we want to hear what you think: what works, what doesn’t, what could be improved, and what new features you want to see.

At Consensys, we are passionate about unlocking the potential of builders around the world and tapping into the innovation of the web3 community. Permissionless innovation is a core value of our ecosystem, and is one of the main reasons we see blockchain technology as such a positive force. We are excited to see what the community will build and how they will shape the future of MetaMask.



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