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DYDX has surged 60% in one week following the launch of dYdX's Cosmos-based appchain. However, the rally comes as tokenholders brace for DYDX's circulating supply to increase by 82% alongside a massive unlock event on Dec. 1.

The DeFi sector has been on fire recently, with volume on decentralized exchanges tagging an eight-month high. The market cap of DeFi tokens also reached its highest level since May, while Aave v3 posted a record high for daily borrowing activity,

Vitalik Buterin believes Plasma-based scaling solutions could make a comeback advocating for their use in EVM validiums. However, many Ethereans believe Plasma's functionality has been superseded by Layer 2 rollups.

And Spark Protocol, MakerDAO's lending protocol and first subDAO, has crossed $1B in TVL. The protocol is set to double its debt limit to $800M, likely driving further growth for Spark.

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  • DYDX rallies ahead of unlock
  • DeFi sector celebrates multi-month highs
  • Vitalik vouches for Plasma scaling
  • Spark Protocol pushes past $1B TVL


📈 Markets in last 24 hrs:

BTC$36,549 -1.4%
ETH$2,061 0.71%
S&P 500$4,496 1.91%
GOLD$1,962 0.84%
Arch WEB31.05pts -1.31%
FINANCE1.00pts 0.08%
INFRA1.18pts -2.05%
CONSUMER1.13pts -3.74%
Arch WEB3

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DYDX Token Surges Ahead Of Massive Unlock

TLDR DYDX is up 60% in one week as investors move to buy up the token for staking to earn fee revenue from the newly-launched dYdX appchain. DYDX holders can earn fee revenue from trades executed via the dYdX protocol.

SO WHAT However, DYDX's impressive gains may be short-lived, with the token's circulating supply set to increase 82% amid a major unlock event on Dec. 1. The unlock was previously scheduled to take place in January, but was postponed due to the ongoing market downturn.

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DeFi Rebounds as Aave v3 Loan Volume Spikes to Record

TLDR The decentralized finance sector is enjoying multi-month milestones, with the market cap of DeFi tokens at its highest level since May and DEX-based trading volume at an eight-month high.

SO WHAT The impressive performance comes as yields are up across the DeFi sector amid the recent uptick in volatility. Aave v3 also celebrated a record for daily borrowing activity, suggesting many users are using DeFi protocols to access leveraged exposure to DeFi assets.

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Vitalik Advocates For Renewed Exploration Into Plasma-Based Scaling Solutions

TLDR Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and chief scientist of Ethereum, believes recent advances in cryptography have solved many of the challenges associated with Plasma-based scaling solutions. Buterin vouched for greater research into the technology, suggesting Plasma could underpin EVM validiums.

SO WHAT Buterin co-authored a paper introducing Plasma back in 2017. While Plasma enjoyed popularity in 2017 and 2018, Layer 2 rollups have since superseded the technology as Ethereum's dominant scaling solution, in part due to their ease of EVM-compatibility.

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Spark Protocol TVL Breaches $1B

TLDR Spark Protocol's TVL has pushed above $1B, ranking its as the 16th-largest DeFi protocol. Users drove an inflow of more than $200M in deposits during November alone.

SO WHAT Spark's growth has been propelled by high DAI yields and the promise of a future airdrop for early users. The trend is likely to continue as Spark will double its debt ceiling to $800M this week.

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