⬇️Dencun Drives Seismic Drop In L2 Transaction Fees


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Dogwifhat, the recently rocketing Solana-based memecoin, raised $691,000 USDC to fund the token’s logo hosted on the Las Vegas Sphere. The news comes after the project’s WIF token gained 758% in the past 30 days.

EtherFi’s token generation event has been pushed ahead of schedule by one month, with Binance announcing it will list ETHFI from March 18. The listing will follow four days of farming on Binance Launchpool and also comes as EtherFi is wrapping up Season 1 of its points campaign.

Aevo’s airdrop distributed $97 million worth of tokens to early adopters, giving the asset a more than $3 billion fully-diluted valuation. However, some recipients are complaining about the fees associated with claiming the token on the Ethereum mainnet.

Plus, we spoke to leading Layer 2 developers to find out about the lesser-known EIPs included in Ethereum’s freshly deployed Dencun upgrade.

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  • Dogwifhat raises $691k for Las Vegas Sphere ad
  • L2 devs weigh in on lesser-known Dencun EIPs
  • EtherFi token to launch within days
  • Aevo airdrops $95 million to users


📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$71,456-2.25 %
Ethereum$3,876 -3.29 %
Gold 1st Future$2,163 -0.57 %
S&P 5005150.48 -0.29 %
Arch Web33.30 -1.10 %
Learn more about Arch Indices ,[object Object]%


Check out our review of the GridPlus Lattice1 hardware wallet. Also watch our podcast with Evan Cheng, the former Apple Engineer who co-founded Mysten Labs, the team behind Sui Network, to learn about the Layer 1 blockchain’s roadmap and ambitions.





💰 Transaction Fees On Layer 2 Plummet Post-Dencun


The long-awaited Dencun upgrade appears to have been wildly successful, with transaction fees on L2s dropping by between 50% and 98% as support for the EIP-4844 upgrade rolls out.

👀 Zerion Announces L2 Subsidizing Transaction Fees

Zerion, a smart account wallet provider, is moving to capitalize on the Dencun hard fork by announcing plans for a Layer 2 network subsidizing fees for users. Zerion hopes that its fee-free L2 can drive revenue from newly onboarded wallet users.



Evolving DeFi by reinventing corporate finance for DAOs.

DeFi's promise to become the world’s economic infrastructure relies on its ability to professionalize its governance layer, optimizing resource allocation and fostering a resilient and innovative ecosystem.

A leader in active DAO treasury management and on-chain, non-custodial asset management, Karpatkey seeks to bridge the gap between DeFi and traditional finance. By integrating traditional finance practices into the DAO framework, we’re pushing for the sector's growth and the efficient allocation of its capital resources, preparing it to finally start onboarding traditional finance at scale.

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💧 Thetanuts Finance Launches Leveraged Liquid Restaking

Thetanauts is the latest web project to jump onboard the booming liquid restaking sector. The protocol is leveraging Pendle to offer yield to users from a variety of sources within web3.


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