DeFi Alpha: Using the Initia Testnet for a Potential Airdrop

gm Defiers! Here's today's alpha:

  • Market analysis (bullish consolidation)
  • Dispatch from the trenches (zkSync airdrop, Railgun and more)
  • Feed Jennie the dog on the Initia testnet

Market Analysis

It was a quiet week across crypto markets, with Bitcoin and Ether trading in relatively tight ranges. The bullish sentiment fueled by ETH ETF approvals was tempered by renewed macro fears as stock markets fell and Treasury rates spiked.

Most of the top 100 digital assets posted losses, while the memecoin sector remains buoyant. Celestia and Wormhole caught a bid for the first time in weeks, indicating potential reversals worth tracking.

Bitcoin ETFs saw tepid inflows compared to the previous two weeks, at under $200 million.


So far, markets are consolidating near the local range highs, and I see no cause for concern as long as BTC and ETH hold $65,000 and $3,500, respectively.

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