✈️BTC Tags New Record High Above $70,000


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Bulls pushed the price of BTC above $70,000, marking the second time Bitcoin posted new all-time highs this past week. However, the milestone was followed by a nearly 4% pullback in less than one hour.

In other news, memecoins continue to outperform the broader digital asset sector, daily dApps users jumped to record highs in February, Aptos is doubling down on cross-chain interoperability, and Pantera wants to raise capital for a new fund to purchase tokens from FTX’s estate.

Plus, Sushi’s core team is under fire from the project’s community for disregarding snapshot votes and failing to disclose team remuneration.

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  • BTC breaks $70,000
  • Memecoins post triple-digit gains
  • DApps host record 6.7M daily users
  • Aptos removes bridge limits
  • Pantera eyes FTX’s assets
  • Sushi team slammed for blocking governance


📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$67,1821.57 %
Ethereum$3,862 1.05 %
Gold 1st Future$2,158 0.36 %
S&P 5005157.36 1.03 %
Arch Web33.09 1.37 %
Learn more about Arch Indices ,[object Object]%


Check out our guide to farming airdrops on Blast. Also watch our podcast with Guy Young, the founder Ethena Labs, to learn about its controversial high-yield stablecoin USDe.



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🚀 Bitcoin Smashes Through All-Time High, Tops $70,000


Bitcoin surged to post its second all-time high this week, with BTC briefly pushing above $70,000. However, volatility is gripping the markets, with BTC retracing 4% within one hour from the local top.

⬆️ Memecoins Outperform as Crypto Does its Best to Button Up After Bitcoin ETF

Memecoins are outperforming the broader digital asset markets, with the sector’s combined capitalization rallying 77% in seven days. Five of the six largest memecoins by market cap also posted triple-digit weekly gains.



SynFutures is seeing massive gains following its recent V3 launch. The trending DeFi project has attracted over 250,000 registrations, reaching $90 million in 24-hour trading volume just days after deploying on Blast mainnet.

The traction is attributed to SynFutures releasing an innovative new AMM model, oAMM, which combines a concentrated liquidity AMM with an onchain order book for higher capital efficiency. SynFutures also launched its new points program, Oyster Odyssey (OO), following confirmation of its plan to launch a token. In addition to earning points on OO, users can gain Blast and Blast Gold points for interacting with SynFutures V3, tripling the airdrop rewards potential and potentially driving increased speculation and growth.

Start trading on SynFutures V3.

READ MORE: SynFutures Launches Orderbook AMM and Points Program Ahead of Token Launch

🖱️ Daily DApp Users Surges To New High In February As DEX Activity Soars

DApps hosted 6.7 million users each day on average in February, comprising the second-consecutive monthly all-time high after a 26% gain. The bullish market momentum contributed to the record, with decentralized exchanges climbing up the dApp leaderboard amid surging volume.

🌉 Aptos Removes Bridge Limits In Cross-Chain Push

Aptos has removed the transaction limits for its Stargate bridge in a bid to bolster the network’s cross-chain integrations. The news comes after the TVL in Aptos rocketed more than 800% in five months.



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🪙 SOL Surges As Pantera Looks To Buy Tokens From FTX Estate

Pantera Capital, a leading crypto VC, has set its sights on FTX’s soon-to-be liquidated portfolio of digital asset tokens. Pantera plans to raise $250 million to buy up discounted SOL from the bankrupt centralized exchange.

🍣 Sushi Community Decries Core Team Deleting Governance Forum and Ignoring Snapshots

The recently assembled core team behind Sushi, the veteran decentralized exchange, is facing vehement criticism for failing to honor governance votes and concealing team salaries from community members. The news follows long-standing drama surrounding the project’s internal operations.


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