📉Bitcoin Slides Below $65K Amid Heavy PullBack


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The crypto markets have pulled back significantly from last week’s all-time highs, with BTC and ETH tagging local lows on March 17 after retracing by 12% and 15% respectively.

In other news, EtherFi’s token debuted at a more than $500 million market cap, FTM is surging in anticipation for Fantom’s Sonic upgrade, Runestones boasts a four-figure floor price following airdrop, Ronin Chain rallies, and NetMind suffers after early miner exploited.

Plus, BOME is the latest memecoin to capture the imagination of the Solana community.

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  • Cryptocurrencies dip from record highs
  • ETHFI airdrop debuts at $566M market cap
  • FTM rallies on Sonic hype
  • Runestones’s Ordinals airdrop
  • Ronin Chain recovers
  • NetMind tumbles after miner hack
  • BOME quickly ascends memecoin rankings


📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$68,2094.47 %
Ethereum$3,646 3.74 %
Gold 1st Future$2,157 -0.26 %
S&P 5005117.09 -0.65 %
Arch Web33.04 6.80 %
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NEAR is the chain abstraction stack, empowering builders to create apps that scale to billions of users and across all blockchains.

👇 Crypto Retraces This Week’s Gains as Traders Take Profits


Bitcoin and leading crypto assets have posted heavy retracements from posting new all-time highs last week. BTC dropped nearly 12% to trade below $65,000 on March 17, while ETH dipped 15% to tag $3,456.

🪂 EtherFi Airdrop Announced For March 18

Claims for EtherFi’s highly-anticipated airdrop are now live, with the ETHFI token debuting at a $566 million market cap. The drop distributed 6% of ETHFI’s supply to early adopters, with the token’s price sliding 27% after just a few hours of trading.

🚀 FTM Rockets As Fantom’s Sonic Upgrade Looms

The price of FTM has doubled in the past 30 days as Fantom gears up for its Sonic upgrade next quarter. Sonic is set to reduce transaction costs and increase throughput by introducing the Fantom Virtual Machine on mainnet.

💧 It’s Raining Runestones As Bitcoin Ordinals Project Launches Airdrop

The Bitcoin ordinals sector received a shot in the arm in the form of the Runestones airdrop, which distributed tokens to prolific Ordinals collectors. While most airdropped tokens initially post price declines, the floor price of Runestones has tripled since the token began trading.



SynFutures is seeing massive gains following its recent V3 launch. The trending DeFi project has attracted over 250,000 registrations, reaching $90 million in 24-hour trading volume just days after deploying on Blast mainnet.

The traction is attributed to SynFutures releasing an innovative new AMM model, oAMM, which combines a concentrated liquidity AMM with an onchain order book for higher capital efficiency. SynFutures also launched its new points program, Oyster Odyssey (OO), following confirmation of its plan to launch a token. In addition to earning points on OO, users can gain Blast and Blast Gold points for interacting with SynFutures V3, tripling the airdrop rewards potential and potentially drivingdrive increased speculation and growth.

Start trading on SynFutures V3.

READ MORE: SynFutures Launches Orderbook AMM and Points Program Ahead of Token Launch

🎮 Axie Infinity’s Ronin Chain Sees Renaissance As Gamers Return

Ronin Chain is riding strong activity in the web3 gaming sector, with the RON token up 30% in two weeks as the network’s GameFi ecosystem expands. The move marks an impressive recovery since Ronin was decimated by a $600 million exploit two years ago.

⬇️ AI Token NetMind Tanks After Early Miner Suffers Hack

NetMind, an upstart project targeting the bubbling AI sector, suffered a major hit when an early miner with sizable NMT holdings was hacked. NMT’s price quickly sank 75% amid the incident and is now down 43% in two weeks.

🕮 Solana Memecoin BOME Hits $600 Million Market Cap In Less Than Two Days

Solana’s memecoin sector continues to surge, with Book of Meme (BOME) already ranking as the 8th largest meme token by capitalization within five days of launching. BOME currently boasts a market cap of $725 million, after topping out at nearly $1.46 billion two days ago.


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