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Today will likely make crypto history. After a decade waiting for a spot Bitcoin ETF, all signs show today will be when it finally happens. Analysts expect the decision from the SEC to approve the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETF will come at around 4pm ET. This being crypto though, the road here has been WILD, with the SEC pre-empting its own announcement on Twitter yesterday after their account was supposedly hacked.

The failed SEC tweet gave us a glimpse on how the market will react, and it appears the long-awaited spot Bitcoin ETF was a sell-the news event, as BTC just briefly rose, before falling on the fake tweet. Meanwhile, ETH is outperforming after weeks of lagging the largest cryptocurrency.

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  • BTC drops, ETH gains after fake SEC tweet
  • Gensler Said SEC's Twitter is "Compromised"
  • Fox Launches Protocol for Content Verification


📈 Markets in last 24 hrs:

BTC$46,936 6.96%
ETH$2,332 5.02%
S&P 500$4,756 -0.15%
GOLD$2,026 -0.01%
Arch WEB31.19pts -2.26%
FINANCE1.16pts -0.08%
INFRA1.28pts -3.69%
CONSUMER1.30pts -5.55%
Arch WEB3

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Bitcoin ETF

SEC's Twitter Blunder Shows Bitcoin ETF Approval May Be a "Sell-the-News" Event

TLDR Bitcoin traders got a brief glimpse at how the market would react if the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approves the spot Bitcoin ETF thanks to the SEC’s failed tweet, and it appears it was a “sell the news” event. BTC jumped above $47,800 before dropping to around $45,600 when the SEC posted on X that the spot Bitcoin ETF has been approved. The digital asset was trading at $46,700 before the SEC’s tweet.

SO WHAT In the lead up to the expected Bitcoin ETF approval, traders have questioned whether optimism that institutional investors will now be able to easily access Bitcoin thanks to a spot ETF has been already incorporated in the Bitcoin price. If that were the case, then traders would likely sell BTC upon confirmation of the approval, or “sell the news.”

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Bitcoin ETF

Gensler Said SEC's Twitter is "Compromised" After Account Announced Bitcoin ETF Approval

TLDR U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had to retract a tweet announcing the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF, saying their account had been "compromised."

SO WHAT The fake announcement sparked speculation on whether the SEC's twitter account had really been hacked, or if instead, it had published a planned tweet on the wrong date. It's ironic coming from an agency who loves to talk about how easily crypto investors can be scammed and hacked. In any case, there is market consensus the official approval will be announced later today.

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Fox Launches Protocol for Content Verification on Polygon

TLDR Fox Corp. today announced the beta release of an open-source protocol built on the Polygon proof-of-stake network, to help media companies prove the provenance of content.

SO WHAT The development signals that media companies consider the blockchain a worthwhile medium to combat the explosion of AI-generated content which spread across the internet in 2023.

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