🎢Bitcoin ETF Outflows Persist Despite Markets Bouncing


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Digital assets bounced back following a sustained week of downward price action, with more than half of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap posting double-digit gains from their local lows. Despite the bullish momentum, spot Bitcoin ETFs posted outflows for the third consecutive day.

An Ethereum Foundation GitHub commit revealed that the Swiss non-profit organization has received a “voluntary inquiry” from an unnamed state authority. However, onlookers are divided as to whether the news is cause for concern.

Polygon shipped its Napoli fork, introducing support for several key upgrades included in Ethereum’s recent Dencun hard fork. Napoli also included the first Rollup Improvement Proposal from RollCall, a collective of Layer 2 developers.

And The Open Network will launch a more than $100 million incentives program to drive up adoption from developers and users.

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  • Bitcoin ETF outflows persist despite markets bouncing
  • Ethereum Foundation under scrutiny from unnamed regulator
  • Polygon Napoli upgrade introduces RIP-7212 support
  • The Open Network’s $124M incentives program



📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$67,5838.77 %
Ethereum$3,513 10.76 %
Gold 1st Future$2,158 0.07 %
S&P 5005224.62 0.89 %
Arch Web32.91 10.85 %
Learn more about Arch Indices ,[object Object]%


Check out our video exploring Solana’s surging ecosystem. Also watch our podcast with Kevin Owocki, co-founder of Gitcoin, and Meg Lister, GM at Gitcoin Grants Labs, to learn about Gitcoin’s new roadmap.




NEAR is the chain abstraction stack, empowering builders to create apps that scale to billions of users and across all blockchains.

🚀 Crypto Markets Rally Back Despite Sustained Spot Bitcoin ETF Outflows


More than half of the top 100 cryptocurrencies have staged impressive double-digit comebacks. The bounce follows a week-long pullback after Bitcoin posted all-time highs last week. However, spot Bitcoin ETFs posted an outflow of $265 million.

🔎 Ethereum Foundation Receives Enquiry From Unidentified Government Entity

The Ethereum Foundation is facing government scrutiny, with a GitHub commit revealing that a regulatory authority demanding confidentiality is looking into the non-profit. While some onlookers are fearing a wholesale regulatory offensive targeting the organization behind Ethereum, others are less concerned, emphasizing the “voluntary” nature of the inquiry and the prevalence of government requests issued to crypto foundations.



SynFutures is seeing massive gains following its recent V3 launch. The trending DeFi project has attracted over 250,000 registrations, reaching $90 million in 24-hour trading volume just days after deploying on Blast mainnet.

The traction is attributed to SynFutures releasing an innovative new AMM model, oAMM, which combines a concentrated liquidity AMM with an onchain order book for higher capital efficiency. SynFutures also launched its new points program, Oyster Odyssey (OO), following confirmation of its plan to launch a token. In addition to earning points on OO, users can gain Blast and Blast Gold points for interacting with SynFutures V3, tripling the airdrop rewards potential and potentially drivingdrive increased speculation and growth.

Start trading on SynFutures V3.

READ MORE: SynFutures Launches Orderbook AMM and Points Program Ahead of Token Launch

🚢 Polygon Ships Napoli Upgrade Including First Rollup Improvement Proposal

The Polygon PoS sidechain is the first scaling solution supporting RIP-7212, the debut upgrade from the RollCall collective of Layer 2 developers, following the execution of its Napoli hard fork. RIP-7212 is designed to bolster Layer 2 scaling solutions’ interoperability with mainstream tech and devices. Napoli also introduced three key upgrades from Ethereum’s Dencun fork.

💰 The Open Network Unveils $124M Incentives Program Amid Soaring Growth

The Open Network (TON) will begin offering 30 million Toncoin to developers and users onboarding the network from April 1, with the funds distributed over four month-long seasons. The news follows surging growth on TON, with the network’s TVL doubling in four weeks, while the TON token is up 53% in a fortnight.


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