🪂 ZkSync Finally Unveils Airdrop

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ZkSync announced its long-awaited airdrop, with 17.5% of the token’s supply earmarked for early adopters. Claims will go live on June 24 and will remain open until Jan. 3, 2025.

Uniswap Labs has acquired Crypto: The Game (CTG), a Survivor-inspired on-chain game pitting contestants against each other for a prize pool of 80 ETH. CTG’s core team will join Uniswap Labs, in addition to being tasked with “cooking up on-chain experiments for the Uniswap community.”

Optimism is celebrating achieving Stage 1 decentralization after shipping permissionless fault proofs. The upgrade allows any user to execute or dispute withdrawals without action from a trusted entity.

Plus, Bitcoin Suisse launched a tokenized bond on Polygon, tokenized Treasuries crossed $1.5 billion in market cap, Loopring’s smart wallet was exploited, Uwulend was hacked for $20 million, and FriendTech is cooking up its own blockchain.

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  • ZkSync announces massive airdrop
  • Crypto: The Game acquired by Uniswap Labs
  • Optimism introduces permissionless fault proofs
  • Bitcoin Suisse launches bond on-chain
  • Tokenized treasuries soar to $1.5B market cap
  • Loopring’s smart wallet suffers hack
  • Hackers ransack Uwulend for $20M
  • FriendTech plots move from Base to Friendchain


📈 Markets in the last 24 hrs:

Bitcoin$70,5262.20 %
Ethereum$3,817 1.12 %
Gold 1st Future$2,348 0.05 %
S&P 5005291.34 0.15 %
Arch Web32.48 5.34 %
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Stellar empowers builders to unlock human and economic potential. Explore the new Stellar smart contract platform, Soroban, designed for scale and sensibility.

🪙ZkSync to Airdrop 3.6 Billion Tokens to Early Users


ZkSync’s long-awaited airdrop is finally imminent, with Matter Labs, the team behind the ZkSync scaling solutions, revealing that 17.5% of the token’s supply has been earmarked for the project’s community. Nearly 700,000 wallets are eligible for the drop, but allocations are capped at 100,000 tokens each.

🦄Uniswap Acquires Crypto: The Game In On-Chain Gaming Play

Crypto: The Game, a popular on-chain game taking inspiration from the hit TV series, Survivor, is now a part of the Uniswap Labs’ portfolio. Uniswap acquired CTG ahead of its third season, with CTG’s team also tasked with creating unique on-chain experiences for the Uniswap community.

🎉Optimism Celebrates Stage 1 Decentralization With Permissionless Fault Proofs

Optimism has shipped permissionless fraud proofs, meaning any network participant can execute or dispute withdrawals. The upgrade ushers in Stage 1 decentralization for the OP Mainnet.

💵Bitcoin Suisse Issues Tokenized Bond on Polygon

Bitcoin Suisse, a multi-billion crypto asset manager, has teamed up with Obligate to launch a tokenized bond on Polygon. Obligate has recently tokenized real-world assets for firms spanning aviation, logistics and invoice financing, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets.



One might wonder why an L1 would release an all new smart contract platform in 2024; What could this ecosystem possibly be looking to contribute to a market already saturated with mature players?

Soroban was released as an integral part of Protocol 20 to the Stellar mainnet in May of 2024; The vision was to take a battle proven chain optimized for low cost remittance and layer on added utility that could further the mission of providing greater financial access.

Here are five key problems solved with Stellar’s smart contract platform.

READ MORE: Five Key Challenges with DeFi Solved with the Stellar Smart Contract Platform

🚀Tokenized Treasuries Soar Past $1.5 Billion Market Cap

The market cap of tokenized U.S. treasuries has tagged an all-time high above $1.5 billion. The milestone comes after BlackRock’s BUIDL fund amassed $472 million since launching in March.

💰Loopring's ‘Most Secure’ Smart Wallet Breached For $5 Million

Loopring’s Smart Wallet, a wallet offering an improved user interface through account abstraction, suffered a $5 million exploit targeting its two-factor authentication service. The incident comes as smart wallets are attracting both critics and proponents, with the hack appearing to confirm concerns regarding the technology coming with increased security vulnerabilities.

🔓Ethereum-Based Lending Protocol Uwulend Suffers $20 Million Exploit

Uwulend paused its protocol after suffering an exploit worth $20 million on Monday. The hacker took advantage of price oracle errors impacting five stablecoins supported by the project.

👋SocialFi App FriendTech to Develop Own Blockchain

Friend Tech, the once bubbling socialfi dApp, has announced plans to exit Base in favor of deploying its own chain. FRIEND rallied 18% in response to the news.


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